Some unexpected guests and surprising help for the new home

Having invited or uninvited guests both are different scenarios and in the present world, we do not have any uninvited guests usually. Sometimes life throws some surprises that change the course of life and make us a new person with more wisdom. One such day started in a completely normal manner but ended in a way we never would have expected. Our family did not have many guests because we were new to the town and had no time to socialize yet. The kids had made some good friends and they had them over but not very frequently.

I was beginning the day very calmly and wanted to have a day off because of throat issues and fever. My bed was the only place that I preferred to be in all day but at 9 am in the morning I received a call from my aunt Ammy, that she intended to visit us today just as she was in town. I love Aunt Ammy but that news was more of a shock because she is a neat freak and I could get the house perfectly clean within 4 hours as per my health condition. I called my husband right away with a panicked tone and he suggested that he will call a cleaning and pressure washing company so that everything can be done in time without any effort on my part. Although it would upset the monthly budget I couldn’t do it so this was needed. There are a number of service providers for home maintenance and pressure washing in St. Louis, but my husband knew an affordable one and called them up.

To my surprise, the team rang the doorbell within half an hour.  They are all in proper uniform and had all the equipment with them. I was requested to take rest and leave the cleaning to them. Although I was quite anxious and kept checking on them, after a few minutes, the evident expertise made me relax and confident that these guys knew what to do. They were all skilled in the cleaning and were experienced employees of a residential pressure washing company, their speed and thoroughness were impressive. I was new to this experience by oh my that was amazing seeing your own house becoming clean and organized just like elves are using their magic wands. Actually, these were not elves but the speed and their confident movements appeared like magic to me.

Finally, they were all done with the whole inner house within an hour and the car porch was then treated with commercial pressure washing services in the end. I have never seen the porch look so much clean even when we moved in this place. They guys left saying a polite goodbye and wished me good health. I had never seen my house look that amazing ever and to be true I learned many new tips and ideas about house cleaning that day.

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