Some Fascinating Facts About Waratah Plants And Flowers

The Waratah flower dominates the Australian landscape. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful flower that is growing in popularity with each passing day. Its wide applicability ranging from interior decor to wedding bouquets has definitely added to its incredible popularity. Let’s now discuss some fascinating facts about the incredibly beautiful Waratah plant:

  • Botanically, Waratah is referred to as Telopea. Since they look like they are beacons standing in the middle of a bush, their name suits them perfectly. Telopos in Greek means ‘seen from a distance’. Waratah, on the other hand, is an Aboriginal term which means ‘beautiful’. Not just Waratah, other Proteaceae flowers like the white king protea are also exquisitely beautiful.
  • You get the best results from these plants when you grow them under shade cloth. With this over them, it produces the environment they are used to growing in naturally. They don’t like direct sun, instead they enjoy dappled sunlight. The bracts tend to burn when exposed to the bright hot sun. So, growers keep them protected from the direct afternoon sun.
  • A lot of people think that Waratahs are low maintenance plants. Just plant them and forget about them. Yes, they can survive that way, but if you want to see your Waratah plants grow fully, then you will have to take care of them. Water them abundantly and feed them with some native plant fertilizer that is low on phosphorus during their growth period spanning spring and summer. If irrigation is required, it is generally the drip type. For good results, you also need to plant healthy plants. Now, the question is- where to find them? Well, if you want to buy a Waratah plant, then contacting a reliable Australian wholesale supplier is the best bet.
  • A Waratahs seed pod is woody and develops in the autumn season. It houses many winged seeds. These seeds are then carried away by the wind.
  • For commercial purposes, Waratah plants have been developed extensively with breathtakingly beautiful varieties of this flower available on the market. Brimstone Starfire is one of such magnificent varieties that is extremely popular. But these can be propagated only through cuttings of the stem.
  • Rotting of roots is a common problem with Waratahs, and the culprit behind it is often Phytophthora cinnamomi. These plants are also prone to attacks by other fungal diseases. That is why drainage should always be perfect for these plants. When you grow Waratah plants in raised beds, drainage is never a problem.
  • Macadamia nut borer is the most stubborn pest for Waratah plants.
  • In older times, Waratah flowers were put in bowls containing water. This water was then used to make small kids strong and free from diseases.

Aren’t these some really wonderful facts about Waratah flowers and plants? Well, if you love Waratahs, why not plant some in your garden today? After all, they are suited for gardens as well as patios. And if you have already decided to buy a Waratah plant, then search online for an online supplier today!


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Written by Keith Wilson

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