Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

Are your home’s sewer lines clogged? You may not know until the problem is so intense that only a professional plumber can repair the clog. Sewer line clogs aren’t like ordinary drain clogs. Rather, they take place deep in your drain plumbing, near where your home’s pipes connect to the municipal sewer system. These pipes run under your yard from the house itself, and all of the drains in your home connect to this main line.

Sewer main clogs can be very intense. These clogs can’t just be addressed with some ordinary chemicals and a drain snake. You might actually need a sewer video inspection in Sacramento, in which plumbers run a special camera line to check your sewer line for clogs and identify the cause.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Look for these signs of a clogged sewer line on your property.

Frequent Clogs

The occasional clog is to be expected in your home, especially if you hand wash dishes in your sink or if you have a bathroom that gets plenty of use. In the latter case, you may find that the sink, toilet, and tub all have slow drains on occasion. However, very frequent clogs are anything by normal. If you find yourself hiring plumbers often to address the same problem over and over again, or if you keep having to stock up on drain line cleaners, there may be a blockage in your sewer line.

Water Backup

If water backs up out of your drains, meaning that sewage actually rises up from your drains or even floods a room in your home, this is a red flag that there is a serious sewer main clog. At this point, water and sewage pressure are so intense in your sewer line that physics takes over and water seeks out a low-pressure environment–your indoor drains.

Slow, Gurgling Drains

Your drains shouldn’t make much noise. However, if they make gurgling sounds, almost like they’re choking on water, then you may have a blockage in your sewer line. One of the worst and most difficult-to-repair types of damage is tree root invasion. This occurs when strong plant roots seek out the moisture in sewer pipes and then actually penetrate them. Roots that feed into your pipes can block the flow of sewage.

The best way to know what’s going on in your sewer line is to hire a professional sewer video inspection in Sacramento. Once plumbers know what’s wrong, they can repair the problem accordingly.


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