Should I Go For Double Glaze Conversions?

Just the eyes are the window to your soul; the windows to are the soul of your home. The windows offer an aesthetic value to the house apart from being a great barrier against light and sound. But, every barrier can be made better and if you wish to achieve the same for your house, double glazing Bristol is the way to go. In fact, this conversion is one of the most popular property renovation methods that also increase property value.

What is this double glaze conversion?

The double glazed window consists of a unit of insulated glass or IGU. In the double glazing windows, there are two such glass panes that are separated by a layer of argon gas. Being a neutral gas, the argon provides exceptional insulating and durability. Opting for double glaze conversions is easy without much hassle or expenditure. But before you rush, you need to know what is the whole idea of single glazed windows and if double glazing is ideal for you.

Single glazed windows are low in cost, have a character and are easy to maintain. The downsides of these windows are:

  • They are not very efficient in thermal insulation. The single-pane does not offer much in terms of light filtering and air trapping.
  • Noise reduction is not too great. The single-pane will never have the layer of insulation to prevent sound waves from traveling.
  • Condensation is a major problem with single glazed windows. With a heater going inside the room, the cold windows will definitely gather condensation from within and without. Your room will get messy and moist. Not a great vacation present.

Keeping these in mind, the double glaze conversions offer better benefits in every section.

  • Starting from condensation, while the glass will not be impervious to the cold air outside, the insulating gas will prevent the inside pane from becoming cold.
  • Now an insulation layer between both the glasses, the radiation of heat is prevented. The cold to hot transfer becomes less which increases efficiency.
  • This also reflects in a lesser amount of electricity consumed.
  • Noise reduction is another reason to opt for double glazed conversions.
  • Security too increases with double glazed windows.
  • The thicker the window unit is, the sturdier they become making them less susceptible to breakage.

How are double glaze conversions made?

A window is a single unit with the panel, frame, and hinges. Id the framework has space for another insulated glass with a layer of insulation then simply adding the required glass and gas will be enough. This method of double glaze conversions also is budget-friendly, fast and eco-friendly. But, if you want more space for insulation or the frame of the window does not allow for the installation, then replacement is the only option. Still, the time taken for replacing each window is less. A typical house can be completed within 4 working days.

Once you consider opting for double glaze conversions you are making sure that your house gets the best upgrade. Here, you should know that if you are living in an antique house, you need to think twice about the double glazing that may not improve the aesthetics of the house. Rather, you can opt for shutters that can be fitted externally to provide the same functionality of the double glazing. The cost for this might be high but if aesthetics matter more then you will not mind the extra shelling out. If you are more concerned about insulation and budget then double glazing is ideal for you.


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