In Need of Roller Shutters? Here are Different Types You Can Choose From

Roller shutters have become a part of modern architecture. From homes to business, roller shutters had been an excellent way to keep burglars and other criminals out. Roller shutters offer good protection and are less susceptible to damage.

Not only does it provide protection from individuals with malicious intent, but roller shutters are also excellent for weather protection, energy efficiency, or the aesthetic itself. Because of the multiple advantages and benefits of using roller shutters, a lot of people had considered having it installed in their homes and businesses.

What is a roller shutter?

A roller shutter, sometimes called a coiling door, is a type of window or door shutter that has horizontal slats hinged together. It is designed to fit securely and is usually made from metal, like steel and aluminum. Roller shutters are usually manually operated, but some are electrically operated with a push of a button.

The creation of the roller shutter dates back to the 1970s. Before, it was common to use wooden sliding doors or large folding doors to close off entryways with a large opening. When the 1970s came, roller shutters became a cheap replacement for these doors, which were both bulky and costly. However, unlike today’s shutters, roller shutters of the 70s hadn’t had insulation as an issue, so they consisted of single-walled steel slats kept very thin and narrow so it wouldn’t take too much space whenever it needed to be rolled up.

During the energy crisis that plagued the 1970s, the demand for better-insulated doors increased in numbers. Since roller shutters provide excellent insulation, warehouses used them to protect goods and exterior conditions. Seeing how it reduced energy consumption and bills, roller shutters became the go-to for warehouses.

Nowadays, however, roller shutters hadn’t been limited to warehouse or business use. Homes had made use of the reliability of roller shutters. Some use it for their kitchens, garages, and even for windows. Not only that, shutters can complement the home as they come in different patterns and colors.

Types of Roller Shutters

Of course, you need a roller shutter that best fits your needs. Whether you’re searching for your home or business, this article would surely help you find what you need.

Manual Roller Shutters

Manual roller shutters are the most popular, and probably the cheapest among all the types of roller shutters. It has a gear drive from the shutter roller, which is operated by a cranked winding handle. However, these shutters require effort to open, as they are manually operated, and should be placed in buildings that require low usage. Places without electricity would greatly benefit these types of roller shutters.

Electric Roller Shutters

Another commonly used roller shutter, electric roller shutters allow you to open and close it without having to put in manual labor with a push of a button. With a tubular motor fixed in its rollers, these types of shutters are quite expensive compared to its manual counterpart and a bit trickier to install.

Since they require electricity, consider using solar panels as their source to save energy. Electric roller shutters are durable, however, as long as they are properly maintained.

Double-Walled Roller Shutters

Double-walled shutters are for those who want a noise-free roller shutter. Some commercial spaces and businesses use these roller shutters for extra security, as they are very durable. Some even have insulation, an epoxy-based powder coating, and rust-free finish.

Built-in Roller Shutters

A built-in roller shutter is installed in a wall or a lintel above the window or door. In this type of shutter, the component is usually well hidden, completely disappearing from view when open. If you want a roller shutter that is subtle in its placement, then this one’s for you.

Built-on Roller Shutters

These types of shutters are very easy to install. Unlike the built-in roller shutter, however, the shutter boxes and rails are visible. The shutter box is placed above the exterior of the building portico. Despite being visible, most built-on shutters are now designed to look appealing to the eyes.

Aluminum Roller Shutters

When it comes to durability and quality, an aluminum roller shutter is considered the best. Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, they are also a popular choice for roller shutters. Aluminum roller shutters are popular for both home and office use.

The exterior of the aluminum shutters is hard and difficult to break. Not only that, but they are also great for keeping noise and light that might be disrupting you.

Transparent Roller Shutters

Slowly gaining popularity, transparent roller shutters provide visibility from both sides. Most are automatic and very durable and can be used in commercial or residential spaces. If you want to look at a part of your house constantly, say a garden, but still want the protection a roller shutter can provide, then consider having a roller shutter installed in your home.


Roller shutters have changed the way people provided security to their properties. Cheap but reliable, these roller shutters have proven their worth. But just like anything, some shutters perfectly fit your needs, while others don’t. You just have to find which type it is to build a safer and more secure home.


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