“I would love to spend my summer by cleaning my home” said no one ever

Summer not only comes with only the fun part of outdoor partying but also the pain of cleaning. Don’t let this hassle take away the precious happiness of this warm season.

We have a summer cleaning checklist to enjoy this sunny season.

Use fresh lemon to clean up your gross microwave

Measure in a bowl roughly half a cup of water. Cut the lemon in half and put it to water. Squeeze the juice. Put in the bowl the half lemon. Carefully put the bowl inside the microwave. Three minutes of high microwave power and the liquid will come to a boil. Don’t open the door of the microwave for the next 10 minutes.

The inside steam will facilitate the loosening of food stuck inside. Open the door and extract the lemons from the bowl carefully. In case you have a turntable in your oven, raise it and clean. The walls and ceiling of the oven should be thoroughly cleaned using wipes. Don’t skip the doors as they are one of the dirtiest parts.

Baking soda comes to the rescue

You will notice that plastic food containers often cause stain. Wipe in a clean, baking soda sponge for freshening your containers. Or take few tablespoons of baking soda and few drops of warm water to remove stubborn stains. Baking soda, mixed with water, will remove dirt and that greasy coating from the store-bought vegetables.

In your kitchen almost any dirty spot could be treated with baking soda. Mix it with water and use the residue to clean stainless steel utensils and sink. Like in the refrigerator, a box of baking soda near your sheets and towels will counter the smells of bad odors.

Installations of your house

Your house will look much more neat and clean if everything is properly installed with cracks. Your home will look organized if you install double glazing doors and windows.

Summer also means frequent rain and windy weather. This makes the roof of your house leak sometimes.Hire a professional for your roof project. Kansas Commercial Roofing Pros of Wichita are very good in their job with experienced technicians and a good reputation built over a long period of time.

Use socks to clean curtains

You will notice the dust on your curtains has piled up since there are more hours of sunlight. Take a couple of old socks to clean up your curtains.

In a bowl, mix the same potions of water and vinegar, take a sock in one hand and then drench it into the solution. Then run it all over your curtains very smoothly. To eliminate the wetness, use the other sock.

Maintain the freshness of your washroom with essential oils

Since during the summer months your washroom gets used up the most because your children are on vacation and there are guests arriving. You need to maintain hygiene.

Fill your toilet paper with a few droplets of your favorite essential oil. The smell is released each time the roll is used.


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