How You Can Protect Your Home’s Foundation From Water Damage

In order to maintain the strength of your house’s foundation in a state like Texas, you need to make it a priority to do safeguard your house from water damage. Water can seep your foundation and cause unwanted cracks in it. Moreover, the water in the soil surrounding your foundation may also put excessive amounts of pressure on your household by constantly vaporizing and thawing.

To prevent water damage harming your home’s foundation, you should adopt the following safety measures. It will help protect your household! Down the road, you will realize how much time and money was saved thanks to some neat tricks and tips!

  • Ensure Your Driveway/ Walkway Isn’t Sloping Towards Your House

As time passes by, the driveways/walkways you may have slowly slope towards your house. That obviously leads to water to gather around your house and crack foundation in your home at Conroe TX. That would lead to detrimental water damage! So, to ensure that doesn’t happen to contact any professional company to fix your driveways as soon as possible.

  • Clean Gutters and Downspouts Are Important!

The surefire way of ensuring that water doesn’t seep into your foundation is through making certain there is a proper system whereby water can leave your house. That means your gutters and downspouts should always be properly cleaned and functioning well. It’s always a good idea to install a downspout that drains the water about 10 feet away from your house! That means that there are very less chances of rainwater staying inside your house for too long.

  • Making Sure Your Brick and Mortar Joints Have No Cracks

Any sort of structural damage in your household will lead to water damage that may lead to cracks in your foundation. That is why you should properly examine the exterior of your house to see if there are cracks in your brick and mortar structure. If you spot any, contact a professional company immediately to help you repair the cracks. The longer you delay it, the more there are chances of water damage occurring! In that case, you would have to rely on the best pier and foundation repair companies in Texas to fix the damage.

  • Have an Efficient Exterior Drain System in Your Basement 

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to exterior drain systems. Some may have a sump pump, or some may have a weeping tile. You need to make sure that whichever exterior draining system you have installed in your house is operating smoothly. You can carry out sump pump tests or hire a professional to do it for you. Ensuring that there is no water left in your basements will greatly reduce the risk of water damage and hence crack foundation. Plus, make sure the weeping tile or sump pumps are entirely clean at all times as any dirt and debris caught up in may prevent water from leaving your basements.

  • Cut Plants and Bushes Around Your Foundation 

You have to make sure that the surrounding of your house isn’t blocked by any sort of greenery such as trees and bushes. So, you should clear out the area right next to your house’s foundation. You can plant all sorts of foliage one feet away from your home. This will ensure that your house has its required greenery as well as safeguard your foundation from water damage. Moreover, do remove all vines that end up growing in your foundation as they can lead to mold formation which weakens the structural stability of houses.

As long as you stick to these few tips and tricks, you can rest assured that your house will not have any cracks in the foundation.

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