How to Maximize the Value of Your Home in 2022

When selling a home, it is, of course, always the goal of homeowners to make sure they are making the most amount of money out of their sale. Fortunately for those looking to sell their property in 2022, it is still generally viewed as a seller’s market in real estate. This indicates a high demand for homes but a shortage of available listings.

In light of inflation and rising interest rates, it only makes sense that you’re attempting to determine how to sell your house for a higher price and cash in while the market is still hot.

The following are tips for achieving the best value when selling your property.

Hire the Best Agent

Working with top-performing real estate agents is the greatest strategy to sell your home for more money, particularly a top agent in your neighbourhood. Your bottom line can be dramatically impacted by working with the correct agent.

The sale-to-list ratio of local agents is an important figure to consider while doing your research. This ratio shows how closely they stick to the seller’s asking price when pricing a property. The better they are at selling your home for more money, the higher their sale-to-list ratio is.

Make Repairs

Although it’s not necessary, it’s in your best interest to have a pre-listing inspection done if you want to sell your house for the highest possible price. Pre-listing inspections will cost approximately $340, though prices can vary based on the location, size, age, and market circumstances.

The value of your property will be unaffected by minor issues like a leaky faucet or a door that doesn’t close properly; however, you never know what concealed issues the buyer’s home inspection might turn up. If there are significant problems, the buyer may completely withdraw.

Issues discovered during an inspection, may include:

Plumbing: Significant leaks, rusted pipes, low water pressure, and backed-up drains and toilets

Electrical: Bare connections, frayed cables, and overloaded junction boxes

HVAC: A broken thermostat, blown a fuse, faulty ignition, or odd noises

Roof: Missing or broken shingles, a leaking roof, and damaged flashing

Foundation: Gaps around windowpanes and front doors, settling or sinking, and cracks

Safety: There are no smoke or carbon dioxide detectors or GFCI outlets

Market Successfully

When it has been expertly arranged, people will view your home in all its beauty, with the appropriate accents, decor, and furniture. Without being distracted by your design aesthetic, personal photos, or clutter, buyers can envision themselves living in your house. Comparing the sale price of your property with one that has been staged could result in a 20 percent increase.

You should discuss with your agent how they will market your home in addition to staging and having professional photos taken. For example, should they use social media, hold open houses, send out postcards, or place an ad in the neighbourhood newspaper? These factors are important, and a good agent will have an excellent marketing plan.


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