How To Find And Rent An Apartment In USA

Finding an apartment for rent is one of the first adult milestones that every young person experiences. Students, recent graduates, or even newlyweds just starting out may be confused about how to find the perfect apartment to stay in. This is an especially important step because renting apartments is much more common than renting or owning houses.

While scouting out apartments and deciding on one can be a demanding task, there are several things you can do to make this search easier.

Let’s explore how to make your apartment search a breeze.

Chalk Out A Budget

You’re probably not swimming in cash at the moment. Even if you are, renting an apartment needs to be done after looking at what you’d have to spend once you’re living there.

It’s not just about the rent, but the transport costs, utilities, repairs, and several other factors which you may or may not have to consider when renting. Always ask what you’re responsible for before signing anything. The utilities and repairs are usually the landlord’s responsibility, but not always.

According to the U.S. Census, you shouldn’t be paying any more rent than one-fifth to around one-third of your take-home income each month. Set your annual personal budget and see where your rent could fit in. This will help you narrow down your search. Having it all laid out in front of you will also help you determine which costs you’re willing to cut back on.

Prefer Lower Rent


If you want to find a budget apartment that’s not a total hole, look away from the urban centers. Living right in the middle of the city has a lot of conveniences, but it can cost thousands of dollars in rent for even the tiniest apartment. Check out the places in the suburbs; these would be bigger, cheaper, and have cleaner surroundings to boot!

However, do keep in mind that your transportation costs would likely increase if you live a bit away from the city. If you work from home, you probably won’t be commuting, so the suburbs would be the perfect place for you. You may want to use a service like the unique team of Dallas apartment locators to help you find a suitable apartment according to your preferred location.

Decide On A Roommate

When you get a roommate, the prices of your bills and your rent are automatically slashed by a large amount, if not directly in half. Before you put out an ad, though, check if it’s fine with your landlord. Also, make sure that you can handle living with someone else.

It will be great if the roommate is someone you know and trust, like a friend or a sibling. However, you should definitely have all the obligations written out and signed so you can avoid being burdened without warning.

Start Early

You should ideally start hunting around for an apartment 3 months before you’d actually need it. Many tenants have to notify their tenants well in advance of their leaving an apartment vacant. For you, this is the right time to begin your touring.

You’ll also have to give prior notice wherever you’re currently living, so keep those time periods in mind.

Make A Checklist

There are several features and options that you should tick off before settling in an apartment. These include the following:

  • Any government subsidies you can qualify for
  • Comparison shopping for negotiations
  • Down payment

The above tips will surely get you started on the hunt for the perfect apartment. It’s always best to know what you’re in for, especially when taking such a huge step.

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