How To Deal With Blocked Sewer?

Most people often forget how much a properly functioning drainage system is essential to their lives. A most frustrating situation is to have a blocked drain or blocked sewer. Life is made difficult by interrupting mundane day to day tasks like flushing the toilet, emptying the bathwater or doing the washing. It’s a situation nobody wants to encounter and one which most homeowners wish to get fixed as soon as possible.

When pipes get clogged, things can go from bad to worse, if proper action is not taken. Problems can escalate if not attended to and can cause lots of damage to the home, resulting potentially in expensive repairs. Though one can sort out many pipework problems by oneself, the best course of action would be to get the services of a blocked drain plumber.

Warning Signs

  • Some of the warning signs of potentially blocked pipes, which you need to observe, are:
  • Foul smell coming from pipes
  • Gurgling sounds of trapped air being released
  • Slowly or rapidly changing water levels in the shower, sink or toilet


There are a number of factors that contribute to blocked sewer or drains:

Food or waste particles: They are the most common reasons for blockages in the bathroom sink or kitchen drain pipes.

  • Hair and other organic materials: They are the main cause of blockages in the toilet and shower area.
  • Jewellery or small toys: Such items can cause the bathroom or shower sink to get blocked.
  • Plant leaves and debris: Main reason for blockages in lawn or driveway pipework.
  • Broken pipes: Poorly installed or broken pipes can cause a blockage.
  • Tree roots: They can cause breaking of pipes.
  • Excess waste: Diapers, nappies, sanitary pads, tampons, and toilet paper, which are not disposed of properly, can cause blockages in pipes.
  • Oil and grease: these can also block pipes.

Clearing Blockages

Whatever may be the reason behind clogged pipes, it is always tempting to for homeowners to try to do it by them. But, dealing with clogged pipes themselves may not be the ideal approach in the long-term. Though one can clear some of the clogging using simple techniques, yet recurring clogging may be the sign that there is a more serious needing to be addressed and fixed.

The use of pipe opening chemicals may really prove to cause more harm than good to the problem at hand. Though a blocked pipe may be opened up instantly by these harsh chemicals, yet the type of damage caused to the pipe by harsh chemicals like caustic soda present in a pipe opener can also damage the wastewater treatment system, natural water supplies and the environment. A DIY project to clear pipework may prove disastrous in the long run. So, it is best to consult a professional blocked drain plumber.

The modern plumber can be relied upon to solve all your pipework problems. By using the latest equipment and tools like drain snakes, CCTV cameras, air blowers and other hi-tech devices, professional plumbers can identify and fix plumbing problems. Plumbers will also advise that prevention is better than cure in case of pipework issues. They will recommend regular cleaning of pipes and avoiding clogging pipes with waste materials.


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