How To Choose The Best Perth Landscapers For Your Job

There are so many beautifully designed gardens and yards throughout the Perth area. So many of this great-looking and imaginatively designed places must be the envy of passers-by. Although it’s possible that some homeowners may have created their landscape by themselves, it’s more likely that a Perth landscape design professionals responsible.

There are a great many companies in Perth that specialize in residential landscaping. The trouble is that each of these landscapers will claim that they’re the best in the business. Surely not every service can be that good! Of course, there are landscape design Perth businesses that charge an affordable price for quality work. However, many just don’t live up to expectations. For this reason, it’s important to figure out how to tell the difference between someone who is looking for easy money and trustworthy, professional service? Let’s take a look at some of the differences between Landscape By Design and many of our Perth landscape design competitors.

The Foundation

Generally speaking, Perth soil is incredibly sandy. Therefore, there are not any nutrients or organic matter in it. Here, at Landscape By Design, we feel that the best way to obtain a garden that’s healthy and thriving is to either completely replace or at least amend the soil to a decent depth.

A great-looking lawn needs around 100mm to 200mm of free draining decent quality topsoil. It also needs the right nutrients, organic matter and a decent amount of water to do well. At Landscape By Design we know all there is to know about lawns and lawn care. In fact, it’s one of our specialties!

Getting the foundations of anything right is imperative for it to be stable and to grow. Unfortunately, there are many landscape design Perth companies that completely overlook this crucial part of a job. The usual reason for this is either to provide a cheaper quote to undercut their competitors or it could be due to inexperience. Just bear in mind that what appears to be the cheapest quote may not always be great value in the long run! You could be facing some very costly remedial work in the future.

The Design

Great-looking gardens take time to design, implement and mature. In order for your garden to be completely perfect in terms of looks and feel, you need to have everything planned out before you do anything else. You may have a very clear idea of what you want your yard to look like. Or, you could potentially have absolutely no clue at all yet about what you wish to change. Either way, here at Landscape By Design, we work with you to realize and to create your vision. We create an outdoor space that you and yours will adore. We actively listen to your ideas so they can be used in your garden’s design. We utilize our knowledge and experience to create a garden that’s as unique as you are. Additionally, we will identify all site preparation and site work necessary before we begin your project.

When you work with us at LandscapeBy Design, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands.


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Written by Amelia Karten

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