How to Choose a Local Landscaping Contractor in Perth

If your yard is looking past its best or if you’re simply just bored with it and are looking for a change, isn’t it about time you hired a decent landscaping contractor? Of course, it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re looking for affordable landscaping. Perth people in the know speak highly of our team here at Landscape By Design. Over the years, hundreds of homeowners have trusted us with their landscaping. We’re proud to serve the local community. But, generally speaking, how do you make sure you hire the right contractor for your job? In this blog, we take a look at how to choose a good and trustworthy local landscaping contractor in Perth.

Ask for Referrals

Perhaps one of the best ways to gauge how good a landscaping Perth company is, is asking around for referrals. Speak to family, friends and neighbours for recommendations. Also, if you see a garden that you really love the look of, go over and ask the owner who created it. They will be flattered you’ve asked so don’t worry!

Check Out Online Reviews and Testimonials

It’s worth also taking a look online for reviews of the landscaping services you’re interested in. Do remember though that all reviews are subjective. Also, generally customers only ever leave reviews when they’ve had an amazing or terrible experience! You can often read customer testimonials on company websites too, so these are also something to look out for when you’re evaluating different businesses.

Meet Up With the Contractors

When you’ve narrowed your list of contractors down to a handful that you prefer, ask them to come out one by one to provide you with a quote. Speak with the contractors to get a feel for them and their work. Compare quotes and if one is incredibly high or unusually low, find out why. Remember to ask all the important questions. How long will the job take? Will there be any delays or issues? Also, be wary of any contractor who doesn’t communicate much or ask you about your concerns and requirements.

Ask For and Check References

Before you make your final decision, ask for and follow up at least three local references. If a contractor tries to avoid giving you details of previous customers, be wary. When you do get the chance to check the references, ask each customer whether their job was completed to their satisfaction. Ask if it was billed correctly and completed on time. Also find out if there was anything the customer discovered that was negative with regards to the job. Finally, find out whether the customer will use the services of the contractor again.

Once you are happy to proceed with a specific contractor, get everything in writing so all parties know exactly what is expected then look forward to your job beginning. Also, bear in mind that when you’re looking for a reliable, talented landscaper, Perth-based Landscape By Design is the foremost company in the WA area.

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