How Stone Veneer Siding Can Increase Your Property Value

If you’re looking to increase your property value, one of the smartest things you could do is to invest in some new stone veneer siding. In order to get you up to speed on this innovative siding material, let’s go over stone veneer siding and all the value it brings to the table compared to other types of siding.

Stone Veneer Siding is Durable

Natural stone is incredibly beautiful but it comes with some negative characteristics that bring down its value as well. Manufactured stone veneer siding, however, possesses all the beauty of stone siding with fewer downsides. 

One example of this is the durability and strength of stone veneer siding. The typical warranty of this material ranges from 20 to 75 years. It’s also much more fire-resistant and low-maintenance than wood or vinyl if properly installed.

The ROI for Stone Veneer is Impressive

The actual worth of stone veneer and the value it can add to your home is one of the biggest selling points of this material. Stone veneer adds nearly the same amount of value as real stone to your home but costs far less to install. 

The cheaper costs combined with a faster installation time and lower maintenance mean that you will quickly recoup your investment on stone veneer, especially if you’re using it to replace wood or vinyl siding. In addition to options like fiber cement lap siding, stone veneer is one of the most valuable siding investments you can make.

Stone Veneer will Improve Your Curb Appeal

Nothing looks more expensive, classy, and elegant than stone siding. Stone veneer siding is designed to look exactly like stone and will provide you with a massive curb appeal boost if you use it. Especially if you’re upgrading from cheaper types of siding like vinyl, using stone veneer can completely change the look of your home and turn many more heads as a result.

Supplement Your Siding with Other Value-Adding Projects

If you want a one-two punch in terms of property value, the easiest way to do so is to invest in sealing doors and windows along with installing stone veneer siding. By weatherproofing doors and windows, you can improve your energy efficiency and add even more value to your home. 

Sealing doors and windows is cheap and easy. It can easily be completed in a single day for under $50, making it the perfect supplemental project to your new stone veneer siding. 

Improve your Curb Appeal for a Low Price

Everybody wants a fancy, elegant looking home from the outside, but not everybody is able to afford real stone siding. That’s why you need to invest in stone veneer siding. Not only is it just as beautiful as real stone, but it’s cheaper, more durable, and easier to maintain. 

By investing in stone veneer siding and sealing doors and windows as well, you can reap those value-adding benefits you’re looking for and raise the asking price on your home.


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