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Here’s all what you need to know for your first home in South India

South India has been the leader of opportunities since the last decade. The political climate, growth potential and investments, especially in Bangalore and Hyderabad have been unparalleled. The standards of living increased with real estate development. Commercial and residential real estate from trusted realty players like Modi Builders, Sushil Mantri, Shobha builders, etc., transformed the face of these IT Hubs in almost two decades.

While commercial real estate has favored the foreign investments, residential has been the talk of the town amidst working professionals. The constant influx of people and generation of job opportunities has kept the realty market soaring. If your house hunt is about to begin, here are a few aspects that must be considered while purchasing a home in South India:

Market study

This is the first and foremost step while looking for a suitable home. Real estate market is subject to constant fluctuation and the right timing may get you a house of your dreams. It is important to observe the market for price surges as well as good deals. According to analysts at Mantri Developers, “Buying a home now needs to include the factor of future returns too. This depends on the potential developments in the near future around the place.”


The locality of your home needs to be aligned with your schedule and daily requirements. For instance, security is one of the prime concerns in today’s metropolitans, so gated communities are better in such cases. Simultaneously, cater to the environment of neighbors and people. Nobody likes unnecessary interference.


This section includes details about connectivity, maintenance, daily needs, etc. If you need to travel across town daily, it’s better to have a metro station near your place. 24×7 outlets, daily groceries, cleaning services are some of the important factors to consider while buying a new house. If you are planning to live in one house for a long time, observe the scope of improvement in public services as well as possible developments in the house.


Ensure that the best facilities are at your disposal. Some societies like Mantri Serenity and LODHA Splendora offer state-of-the-art facilities like swimming pool, badminton court, tennis court, etc., which ensure an overall luxurious experience of buying a home. Gym facility, well-maintained gardens, clubhouse, kid’s play area and such other amenities play an important role in selection for family people.


Last but not the least, price tag. It needs a substantial financial capital to buy your own home, so make sure it fits your budget. It is a long term investment, and you need to triple-check every little aspect related to it. Make sure you maintain the required CIBIL score for easy loans, EMIs and down payments. A pro tip: always look for hidden extra charges to avoid any hassle in the future. This includes separate parking charges, multiple vehicle parking charges, variable maintenance price and so on.

Owning a house is one of the most pivotal landmarks of a person’s life. So, when you put your heart into a house, make it a point to keep all the above factors in mind.


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  1. On the one hand, India is fast moving forward.But on the other hand, there are still parts of the state where there is a lot of poverty.Human rights are endangered.Especially vulnerable are young women who, in contrast to their will, marry for old people…many girls were raped … and that was in a public place.Many women are killed or sprinkled with acid..Many are burned.I am pleased with your progress, but until this issue is resolved, I can not consider you a modern and well-regulated state.


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