Don’t Let the Charm of Your Pool Fade Away. Act now!

For most homeowners, swimming pool is one of the biggest investments as well as a happy place to hang around and cool off during warmer months. For days when you are not using your pool, each day without maintenance can go rough on your investment. The damage may get worse with delayed maintenance leading to expensive refurbishment to burn a hole in your pocket.

To avoid all these hassles and repair expenses, maintain your pool in a good condition by doing these small things every weekend or whenever you have spare time.

Where to start?

Swimming pool is more than just an excavation filled with water. There are several things in the surroundings and within that complete your swimming pool. If your swimming pool is constructed amidst a landscape, make sure the area is mowed and treated with insecticides on a regular basis. If you wish to enhance the overall appearance of the area, hire professionals for landscaping in Adelaide or wherever you are based.

How to maintain?

Maintaining a pool requires you to focus on certain key areas that largely determine the health of the pool-water as well as your experience as a owner. Your chlorine pump should be functional at all times to prevent algae build-up on the walls of the pool. While running pool pumps and filters 24/7 results in higher energy bills, you can knock down the running time to 10-12 hours a day to keep the maintenance within your budget.

After a pool party, when guests are gone and inflatables are skimmed off, consider draining your pool and cleaning the surface using recommended solutions before filling it up again to the brim.

The cleaning includes brushing and skimming apart from regular vacuuming. If brushing makes you tired and gives you a terrible backache, a pressure washer can come in handy. Using an electric pressure washer, you can clean all you want without moving a muscle.

The best time to clean your pool is when it’s dry. In order to make your cleaning efforts last long, consider covering your pool when not in use. This is like putting your pool to hibernation in order to have a clean, hygienic pool the next time you take the covers off.

The next thing is to keep the floor around your pool clean because you don’t want your kids, pets or guests to bring the mud into your pool. Placing mats at the entrance might help as well.

How to enhance your pool area?

Once your maintenance game is on track and spot on, there’s a lot that can be done to spruce up your swimming pool area, which is a perfect spot to entertain guests on a hot day. Build a pergola by the poolside where you and your guests can enjoy snacks/drinks after taking a dip in the pool. Or install water features to enhance aesthetics.

Pool coping is also an important part of the construction that adds value and functionality to your investment. Pool coping in Adelaide is done using high-quality, water-resistant and anti-slip tiles along the boundary of the pool. It is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally strong. If your pool coping has worn out and you need assistance for repairs or new installation, a pool coping expert in Adelaide, like Thompson Landscaping Adelaide can help.

Safety Tips

Pool maintenance is important but not more than your safety. When you get down to the pool’s floor, there are high chances of tripping over a grimy tile. Wear suitable footwear and keep children and pets away while you are busy cleaning your pool.

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