Clicking Sound, Even After the Burners Are Turned Off! Uh-Oh Something is wrong!

Just turn on the knob, click, a sound is heard and the burners ignite! Wow, sounds amazing, right? You did not know about this innovative gas burner? Then, you need one immediately to see how amazing the contraption is! No lighter or match is needed! Oh, you have one? Then you must be enjoying the perks of this gas stove. But, can you hear a clicking noise, even after the burners have been turned off? Then, there must be some problem!

Call in agencies that offer service of gas stove repair in Melbourne and they will help you solve it! If, you have fallen in love with the clicking music of the stove, then you are sitting on a boatload of dynamite. Do not let the clicking sound continue! Professionals will help solve it and you can enjoy some actual music!

Why do the Burners Go Click Click-Click, even when turned off? 

Whether it is a gas stove or a cooktop, when you turn on the knob a click sound is heard. This is the spark that lights the fire! This sound is not a good thing, if it continues after the burner has been turned off. There are many reasons behind this sound. Here are a few:

1.       Food Debris: This is one of the most common reasons behind the clicking sound of the gas stove, even after it has been turned off. With prolonged use and a few messy cooking sessions, food debris might get stuck in the ignition system. This causes the system to go haywire and cause the clicking sound.

2.       Moisture: This is another reason for the clicking sound and the origin again lies in your messy cooking sessions. It becomes quite common, if you have a habit of cooking soups and broths! Ultimately the moisture seeps into the ignition system, causing the clicking sound! It could also seep on to the switches and cause the same sound. Do you have a habit of aggressive cleaning, then that could also cause the clicking sound. If, you have the habit of using too much soap and water or cleaning solution, the seepage could cause the clicking sound.

3.       Burner Cap: Do the words fussy and finicky, describe your cooking experience? If, they do, then chances are that the burner cap has been misaligned. Do have a look at the burner cap and set it right! If, the problem persists, then it would be a good idea to call a professional stove repairperson.

4.       Parts of the Stove & Ignition System: Sometimes, the issue isn’t with your cooking style, but with the parts of the stove. Faulty parts of the stove could cause the clicking sound. So, you will ultimately need a professional stove repair-person to set things straight!

Now, it is always advised that electrical and gas related products should be handled by professionals. So, why risk it?! Do you have any idea about what is causing the clicking sound? Most probably not! It is best to have the professionals check it out.

Here are some logical arguments to why; you should hire professional help for stove repairs:

  • The professionals have the training to find out the origin of the clicking sound and repair it.
  • You might cause damage to the stove or worse to yourself, while trying to fix the stove.
  • Professional repair-persons have a boatload of experience as well. This helps them combat all kinds of issues and situations.
  • They will fix the problem, without causing any harm to the stove in a safe and efficient manner.

When you have so many perks, why would you risk it all, by trying to do it yourself? If, it is about winning accolades, then try your hand at gardening! It is safer hobby for you to follow! Do not endanger everybody’s life, by trying to fix the stove yourself, call in the professionals who provide efficient gas stove and hot water repair services in Melbourne.


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Written by Lauren Williamson