Best Ways to Create A Charming Backyard Getaway

It’s easy to simply start listing garden decoration tips. But what you first need to do is decide what your garden will be used for. Do you want a small, meditative space only for yourself, do you want a romantic getaway for you and your partner, a family-friendly space, or a common space for hanging out with friends. Depending on that, choose the central theme, and the central amenity. It can be an enclosed kitchen with a grill, a fire pit, a reading nook, a hot tub, or a relaxing Zen garden with a fountain. After you’ve decided on your garden’s purpose, you’ll know what to do about the rest of the décor.


The patio is like your garden’s foyer. It’s there to introduce your guests to what the garden overall has to offer. The base of your patio is usually up to personal preference – whether you’ll use brick, stone or concrete. Consider, for example, the other materials you’ll use there. Wooden trellis and furniture would work better with stone, while metal is well suited for concrete. Since patios are usually meant for sitting down with friends and family and relaxation, you can ensure privacy with bamboo wall panels, for example, tall bushes or vines intertwining your already existing fence.


Depending on the part of the world you’re living in, you should decide between an open and a closed deck or porch. The weather conditions can be fickle. Porches are like the face of the house. And often, they’re a place for relaxation, watching sunrises/sunsets and intimate chats in the mild evening air. A porch needs to complement your garden, so decorate it in accents. Hang potted plants, place small, potted trees, and when it comes to colour, you’ll want to be careful so as not to distract from the garden. Aspect Shade advises focusing the colour on the fence, furniture, and shades. More on the accents than the whole porch.


Every garden will flourish with the addition of various flowers, trees and shrubbery. Make sure to choose plants native to your climate, or else they’ll turn out to be more work than fun, no matter how beautiful they are. Vertical gardening will save you time AND add levels to your garden, making it more visually appealing. To add a personal flair, there are a few types of pathways you can choose from: you can go for stone paths, cobblestone, fine granulated rubble, or just paved ground with stones on the edges. Use all this to draw the visitor’s eyes towards elements you want to show off the most.


For those who have children, you should turn one part of the garden for them as well. Kids value their personal space, and if they have a small patch of land in a garden for adults, they’ll feel all the prouder. There a re tons of ways to include children-friendly accessories. There are treehouses (if you have a tree in your garden), wigwams, tents, and small plastic basketball hoops for outdoor activities. Talk to your children and come to a solution together. See what they would like in their space, and negotiate something you will all enjoy.


While your garden is already blessed with natural lighting, you’ll want to think about illumination when the sun goes down. If you want a more natural, organic approach, you can install torches, and a fire pit. Your porch lights in the form of fairy lights, lanterns or candles at the extension of your house can greatly add to the garden lighting. Whatever outside electrical lighting you decide to choose, make sure it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to run out before the downpour and save your lights from being destroyed.


Your garden is your space, primarily. Don’t be afraid to take some time and plan out everything on a piece of paper. This space needs to be your little patch of freedom, your way to connect with nature. Don’t forget to have fun, as there are so many different ways to approach the garden design, that we all briefly turn into actual architects or designers. Don’t forget to include your climate, surrounding traffic, who will visit the garden and so on. It’s quite a bit of work, so… better start cracking!


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