Benefits of dog ear cleaner

Many people all over the world neglect to clean their dog’s ears. They wipe the outside of the ear but do not bother with the inside. A lot of people neglect if for fear of damaging the dog’s eardrums. Sticking objects too far down the ear canal can damage the inner ear. It is good to go to a vet because they have the equipment to dig down deep without damaging anything.

It might be a little painful when the vet removes the thick wax from the dog’s ear but it is worth it. Just a onetime visit to the vet can improve hearing tremendously. Many people do not know their hearing is being fogged because of wax build up. After visiting the vet for the big cleaning, there are many at home ear cleaners that can be used to prevent a lot of wax build up. The vet will probably suggest an ear cleaner for your dog.

Still, none convince to buy a dog ear cleaner yet? Here is the list of benefits which your dog will get when having dog cleaner at home:

Prevent infections:

The ear infections are very painful for the dogs. If the dog’s ear does not get clean on time, the chances of getting ear infections increased. To avoid this, you must clean your dog’s ear on regular basis with the help of a dog ear cleaner. The dirt in the ear is an ideal place for the bacteria to cause yeast and infections.

Maintain healthy bacteria balance:

Cleaning too much ear is actually dangerous for the dog’s ear because there are healthy bacteria in the ear too. If you clean the ear without any help of the ear cleaner, then there are chances that you may remove the healthy bacteria from the ear which are necessary for the health of dog’s ear. By using a proper ear cleaner, you can maintain this balance of bacteria in the dog’s ear. The cleaner comes up with the schedule “when to clean the ear” and have the ability to keep the good bacteria inside the ear.

Remove the ear mites:

Ear mites are annoying and contagious parasites which makes their place in the animal’s ears, especially in the dog’s ear. Ear wax and dirt is the only thing which keeps them alive and helps them to increase their population. By cleaning the ear on time, you can completely get rid of the ear mites from the dog’s ear. If you notice that there are the speck in the ear wax, then its mean that your dogs has been affected by the ear mites and it is a time for you to clean the dog’s ear.

By cleaning the dog’s ear with the help of dog ear cleaner, you can also remove organic matter and weeds from the dog’s ear. These are usually caused when your dog run in the woods, play in the sand and rolling in the grass etc. So it is very important for you as a dog owner to keep your dog’s ear clean from the dirt.


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