A Checklist for Winter Home Maintenance

Every season has its own list of chores, and so does the winter. Every homeowner needs to perform certain tasks in order to prepare their house for cold weather and snowfall. And to get you started, here is a checklist for winter home maintenance that covers the basics.

Make sure doors and windows don’t have any cracks

Faulty doors and windows can turn into a real problem during the cold months by letting the warm air outside. But by checking them for gaps before winter, you can easily take care of this problem. The most expensive solution is to replace them, although in most cases you can solve the issue by waterproofing them with caulk or strips.

Clean the gutters and downspouts

Thanks to winds and rainfall, gutters tend to be full of leaves and debris which can cause damage. If left unattended, the gutters will overflow when the snow melts causing leaks inside the house and structural damage. But with regular cleaning of gutters and downspouts, you can prevent this and save yourself from undesired expenses.

This is something you can easily do by yourself with a ladder and a pair of gloves. Just pay attention to possible cracks and rust which need to be addressed immediately to prevent the whole gutter system to collapse under the snow.

It’s time for a chimney sweep

A fireplace inspection should be a regular winter home maintenance and that includes the chimney. If not cleaned regularly, a clogged chimney can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. However, even though it’s a pricey item on this checklist, this should be done only by professionals to prevent damage to the structure and do it properly.

Fix the roof

Every year, check your roof several times to see if it’s in good shape and especially after extreme weather. If there is any problem, like broken shingles, tend to it immediately since it can cause leaks or even worse – a collapse of the structure under the snow. If there is moss on the shingles, remove it gently and then hose down the dirt to completely clean the roof of debris.

The best time to check the state of your roof is during a sunny day when you can see the light coming inside through the cracks. Even the smallest hole can lead to serious damage and turn into a disaster if not taken care of promptly.

Clean the dryer filter

It’s a well-known fact that lint filter in your dryer is a fire hazard. Since you will use the dryer more during winter, you need to clean the filters regularly. Also, check the exhaust and vent the room after every use of the dryer to avoid dust build-up and clear the air.

Get ready for the heating season

One of the crucial things before winter is to make sure that your heating system is working properly. Hire gas heating repair service to perform maintenance and make sure everything is ready for the cold season. The workers will check is supply is interrupted, presence of leaks and replace any broken parts, so your heating operates safely and properly during winter.

Trim the trees

Tree branches can break and fall under piled up snow which can lead to property damage and injuries. To prevent this, trim the branches in the fall and keep an eye on trees around your house. To remove snow, brush it off gently instead of shaking the trees or climbing on them.


This checklist for winter home maintenance will help you keep track of the tasks you need to do before the weather gets colder. The most important thing is to solve problems the moment you notice them so they don’t become serious and damage your home.

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