7 Stationery Items You Need To Work From Home

Working from home requires you to set up your own desk and source your own office supplies and stationery. And understandably, it can get confusing trying to figure out exactly what you need. However, by getting the right office stationery, you’ll be able to work efficiently and even add some personality to your home office truly making it your own.

At The Lucky Charm, we have some of the best selection of stationery in Perth and to help you work from home, we’ve compiled a list of essential stationery below.

Pens And Highlighters

The humble pen is essential for everything from taking quick notes to writing out your weekly schedule. Besides a regular ballpoint pen, there are various types you can look at including gel rollerball pens, fountain pens and markers.

Rollerball pens are smoother to write with and are less prone to drying than ballpoint pens but tend to cost more. Fountain pens, on the other hand, are great for signing letters and documents. If you use a whiteboard or regularly post parcels, then a marker pen is necessary. To help you organise your notes, different coloured highlighters can be very useful.



A notebook is a great tool to help you keep track of your ideas, meeting notes, tasks, meal plans and calendar. The kind of notebook and how many you need will depend on the nature of your work.

For many people, one personal planner is sufficient to organise all their work and personal notes. However, if you have a lot to jot down and need to separate your notes, you might need more than one book. Just keep in mind that it can be difficult staying on top of multiple notebooks.

Files And Binders

If you deal with a lot of printed documents, having a few files and binders can keep them organised. Box files and folders are great for keeping various documents without structure in one place, making them suitable for odds and ends of a specific project.

On the other hand, a lever arch binder with individual dividers is necessary if you want to separate or organise documents, be it alphabetically or chronologically.

Wall Memo Board And Post-It Notes

If you take down a lot of ideas or have multiple things on your to-do list, it’s a good idea to invest in a wall memo board. That way, you can quickly jot down important ideas or notes and stick them up somewhere easy to see. Invest in multi-coloured post-it notes so you can colour code your notes.


Fasteners such as paper clips, staplers and bulldog clips are essential stationery in Perth as many people use them to easily separate and keep their documents in order. If you deal with printed documents or regularly send letters, you need the right fasteners in your office.

Desk Organiser

When you’ve accumulated a good amount of stationery in your Perth home office, you’ll need a desk organiser to keep them all in one place. After all, you wouldn’t want all your stationery cluttering up your desk or going missing. You can even look out for organisers that hold books and letters.

Printer And Printer Ink

A printer is crucial in any home office. With it, you can print important business documents, letters, mockups or flyers. Get a printer with a scanner and Wi-Fi connectivity as these features will make your workday a lot easier.

Remember to have enough printer ink and printing paper to prevent interruption to your work. If you print a lot of documents, look for printer ink cartridges or toners with high printing capacity. Also, remember to have coloured printer ink if you print documents in colour.

With the right stationery, you can stay productive working from home. Just take some time to plan what you need and you’ll be able to get the supplies for your home office with no difficulties at all.

If you’re looking for the best Perth stationery store, then The Lucky Charm can help you. Besides a wide range of office supplies, we have printer ink and toner cartridges from major brands as well. Shop for your stationery at our online store or get in touch with us if you need help finding something you need!


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