7 Reasons Why Gardening is a Perfect Hobby

Are you looking for a hobby that allows you to spend more time outdoors? No, we’re not talking about hiking or camping, we’re talking about something much more soothing and slow-paced yet equally rewarding like gardening. 

Gardening can be a pastime activity that can greatly benefit you and your health. It’s also a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Let’s check out the reasons why gardening can be a perfect hobby for you.

  1. Gardening can benefit your health

Starting off with the first and most important positive benefit which is to our wellbeing and health. Gardening allows you to spend time outdoors in the fresh air and the sunlight – it’s not a secret that both of these are important for our immune system.

Additionally, gardening can be good for our brains as well. Surrounding ourselves by nature and once again fresh air and vitamin D from the sun can positively affect our state of mind. Gardening improves mood and reduces the risk of depression. 

So, what we can conclude from this is that gardening is beneficial both for our body and mind.

  1. Gardening can keep you active and fit

Who would have thought that just a bit of gardening can make you work up a sweat? What a better hobby than one that can keep you active and fit all the while allowing you to spend time outdoors enjoying yourself. And all this with just moderate-intensity activity like raking, shovelling and lifting.

A bit of this type of activity every week can reduce the risks of all kinds of illnesses that include stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure to name a few. You’re being physically active without actually doing much at all!

  1. Gardening can improve your diet

If you choose to plant vegetables and fruits, you may benefit in yet another way – by improving your diet. The produce you grow in your garden is organic and it’s something you grew with your two hands. Plus, it’s more likely you’ll eat more veggies and fruits if you have them in your garden.

Vegetables are low in fats and calories, plus they are natural sources of potassium, vitamin A and C and many more nutrients. The same goes for fruit – it is rich in fibre which can benefit our health.

  1. Gardening is an adaptable hobby

If you don’t have a big garden, don’t fret you can still choose gardening as your hobby. Gardening can be a super adaptable hobby as you can plant in small places as well. You can have potted plants on your patio or your terrace. 

You can plant as many or as little plants as you want or as much as your space allows you. Mr Stacky is a company that sells everything you could possibly need to make a vertical garden to maximize space. So, if you want to garden, but you only own a bit of land or space, don’t worry there is still hope for you.

  1. Gardening improves the environment

It’s not a secret that the more we plant the better chances we have of helping our environment. More gardens and plants mean cleaner air and less pollution, noise reduction as well as erosion reduction amongst other things.

Apart from being beneficial to our overall health, gardening can improve the environment in many different ways.

  1. Gardening can be fun and creative

Once you own a garden you will never be bored. There is always something to do in the garden, from seeding to weeding and watering. The different season brings different tasks so it’s really true that you will have your hands pretty busy with the garden.

Apart from being fun and never dull, gardening can also be creative. You can tap into your inner artist and arrange your garden in different ways – you can combine colours, shapes, you can plant, or trim in the way you see most fit. The possibilities are never-ending. 

  1. Gardening is a great way to spend time with kids

Gardening can be an educational and fun way to spend time with your children as well. Involve and engage them in the process of gardening and it will become an even more interesting hobby.

Apart from having fun, you can teach your children early on about the benefits of gardening, about the environment, and about keeping our planet green and clean. You can also teach them to love nature and you’ll see how different everything, even gardening, seems through the eyes of a child.

Bottom line is that gardening is not boring nor a hobby for those who just retired. It’s actually a pretty rewarding and fulfilling hobby which can benefit your health as well as our environment. It’s a pastime activity that can activate your creative side allowing you to make your own little piece of art.


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Written by Stella Ryne

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