6 Tips For A Homeowner Facing Fire Damage

Getting back on your foot from fire damage is a nerve-wracking experience. Homeowners may have been able to save the lives of their loved ones, but after a few days, they are welcomed by the sight of burning embers and dark soot hanging around their beloved home like a disaster movie scene. This type of situation may be unprecedented for many people who are facing fire damage for the first time in their lives.

The first thing you need to do is keep your insurance claim in order as much as possible. Many insurance companies reject claims for fire damage on some of the other technical grounds, which might rob devastated homeowners of a chance to rebuild their lives. You need to take some steps to make sure that your existing policy covers for the fire damage, and you carry out the necessary steps required to reduce your liability to a minimum with the timely and adequate insurance payout. Below are some tips to accomplish this purpose.

1. Talk To Your Insurance Agent

A good starting point would be to connect with your insurance agent. He will be the best person to guide you through the various steps in the entire process of insurance claims done right. He will guide you about the extent of coverage available in your specific policy and what you can do to ensure additional rejections to ensure minimal liability.

2. Check If You Can Get An Advance Against The Claim

Insurance companies know that the household property will not be fit for living immediately after a fire has gutted it down. Factoring in the safety of the family members, homeowners may have to move out of the property to temporary accommodation for some time. And this move will come at a cost. So they make a provision (in select cases) to lend out an advance against the insurance claim so that the recovery process for the policy owner doesn’t face a barrier due to lack of funds. When you shift to a temporary dwelling, make sure that you retain all receipts of the rent paid and documentation of bills and expenses made.

3. Don’t Wait To File The Claim

Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting for too long before filing a claim against fire damage. As an expert insurance agent or smoke cleanup company would suggest, it is advised to begin the process immediately. The entire process of claims processing is pretty extensive and takes a bit of time for the claims payout to come in. Hence the earlier you start, the sooner you will have the claims paid out against fire insurance.

4. Back Up Vocal Claims With Evidence

An itemized statement of stuff destroyed in the household is often a bone of contention between the insurance company and the policyholder. Often, many products and appliances are damaged, which makes it challenging to ascertain a value on it. For assigning a claim, the insurer has to necessarily assess the value of everything that was affected by the fir, to assign the claim. So you need to take as many photos and videos of the smoke charred rooms and belongings before the evidence is cleaned off as a part of the restoration efforts from fire damage.

5. Get A Restoration Expert

Fire restoration and the smoke cleanup company will be in the ideal position to help you begin the recovery process from the debilitating fire mishap. They will help clear out the soot, burnt items, materials, and smoke from every corner of the house. They will also work with the insurance company in the claims filing process so that you have the right partner to take care of the technical details associated with the fire damage to your property. They will also check each point in the house for the presence of traces of fire or sparks. They will assess the health of the electrical wiring, the appliances, and the plumbing to carry out an all-round inspection. Such detailed assessment will make the household fit for habitation again for your loved ones and you.

To Sign Off

A fire calamity is a major blow to the calm and tranquil of any household. It would help if you didn’t let the disaster overcome your mental resilience, as you would be needed to support your family members during these trying times. Keep a note of these crucial points when dealing with fire damage to your house and enlist the assistance for a trustworthy smoke cleanup company like MD Cleaners to get back the home that you and your family so dearly loved and cherished.


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Written by Amelia Karten

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