6 Gutter Cleaning Techniques You Can Do On Your House

Cleaning gutters isn’t as easy as you might think. In fact, there are a lot of injuries that can occur when homeowners attempt to clean their gutters without understanding how to get the job done safely. The goal should be to keep your gutters clean to avoid expensive repair bills that can result from clogs, especially during winter months. The information below can help to ensure your gutters are cleaned appropriately without any injuries occurring.

1. Use a Garden Hose

One technique that works well when you need to clean your gutters is the use of a garden hose. If you choose to try this method, make sure you add a spray nozzle that enables you to adjust the pressure of the water as necessary. This is also beneficial when you’re using a ladder to reach the gutters because you can easily switch positions to make sure you reach all of the debris.

2. Clean The Roof

A key aspect of cleaning gutters is cleaning the roof. If you do one without the other, you risk the chance of the gutters getting clogged after a short amount of time. This is especially problematic when it rains and all of the debris is pushed into the gutter. In addition to clogging the gutter, not cleaning the roof can cause problems for other areas, such as components related to the HVAC system. This includes ventilation, heating, and air conditioning components.

3. Unclog Downspouts

Another important part of cleaning the gutters is cleaning the downspouts. This should happen after you have cleaned the gutters. You can use a garden hose to run water through the downspout and it’s an easy process. This should happen with the water at full pressure. You’ll know when there is a clog because the water will back up. It’s usually easy to remove a clog from the downspout, but if you attempt to do so and it doesn’t work, you may need to remove the bottom portion. In some instances, it’s best to get a professional to help. If you require gutter cleaning services, visit the following website:

4. Use a Gutter Scoop

Depending on the nature of the debris in your gutters, a gutter scoop might be a good tool to use. It’s a simple item that literally enables you to scoop debris from the gutter. If you choose to go this route, make sure you select one that is specifically for gutter scooping. It’s not like other types of scoops because the thin front end makes it easy to remove debris that might otherwise be extremely hard to eliminate. When buying a gutter scoop, choose plastic instead of metal to prevent any scratches. Another problem that might occur as a result of using a metal scoop is rusting.

5. Schedule Cleanings Twice a Year

Just as important as the physical technique used to clean gutters is the frequency in which they’re cleaned. It’s best to clean them at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. While most people focus on cleaning their gutters in the winter, the summer is just as important because you reduce the chance of severe clogging by the time the winter months roll around. Another reason to clean gutters in the summer is that there’s a chance of corrosion from rainwater that was collected earlier in the year.

6. Use Gutter Guards

If you’re not a fan of cleaning out gutters, you can use gutter guards to mitigate the problem. In fact, there’s a chance that using gutter guards will prevent clogging altogether. When selecting a gutter guard, make sure you look for a product that can block different types of leaves.

In addition to the six gutter cleaning techniques listed, there are several considerations for safety to keep in mind. For instance, you shouldn’t be home alone when cleaning the gutters because someone should know where you are just in case something goes awry. Hopefully using a quality ladder will prevent any falls. Additionally, you should wear shoes with a rubber sole and protective eyewear.


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