5 Ways That You Can Prevent Pest Infestation In Your Home

Many people believe that the need for an exterminator means that your home is extremely messy, and only negligent homeowners will need these services. However, infestations can occur even if you keep your home clean. There are several ways that homeowners can prevent infestation of pests in their homes. Here are a few ways to prevent pests from infesting your home.

Eliminate sources of attraction

One of the best ways of preventing pests from invading your house is by removing anything that can attract them. You will need to clean up the inside and outside of your home to remove sources that attract bugs. Moisture is one thing that attracts different pests, so you need to keep the kitchen clean. You must also check areas behind your oven, fridge, or laundry machine to ensure that they are free from any moisture buildup.

Block up crevices and cracks

Cockroaches and slugs tend to hide in damp, dark gaps during the day, and then venture into your home during the night. You can prevent the night-time wandering of these pests by sealing off gaps around your windows, doors, and any utility lines entering the home. You should also block any gaps found on the top or beneath your sink because most pests will use these gaps to access their water source.

Regularly wash items you utilize in public

This is one of the best pest control tactics for preventing pests from infesting your home, especially if you have children.  Whenever you bring stuff like containers, bags, and clothes from public areas such as the gym, school, or daycare, there is a high probability that they may have pests. To avoid any infestation, it is best that you regularly wash clothes and bags that you use in public areas and dry them using high heat to kill any bugs.

Maintain your backyard

If left unattended, the backyard can turn into a breeding ground for different types of pests. This is because unkempt backyards provide many sources of shelter and food for pests. Insects tend to hide in damp areas and leave piles of dead leaves, mulch and old firewood that invite pests to make a home there. They will move into your yard and slowly infest your home. Ensure that sources of standing water, such as ornamental pools and fountains are well maintained, and also get rid of yard waste regularly.

Reduce and Eliminate clutter

Clutter will not only provide pests with a quiet place to live, but it will also make it unlikely for you to notice any problem. Stored boxes that are rarely disturbed or observed mean that pest infestations can grow. Make sure that you regularly discard unused newspapers, books, paper, or wallpaper. If there is anything that you want to store for an extended period of time, make sure that it is put in airtight containers.

Build a Perimeter Fence

You can prevent rodents from accessing your home by building a perimeter fence around your property. Rodents are usually attracted by viable nesting spots. Therefore, you must ensure that your hedges or bushes are well trimmed and that there are no overhanging tree limbs. Make sure that there is at least one foot between your house and your landscaping.

To guarantee comprehensive protection for your home, you should consider local pest control companies. Professionals will examine any problem areas and offer all the services required to close off any entry-points. An experienced and knowledgeable exterminator will also provide valuable tips and any additional pest control services for rodents, insects, and any other potential pests.


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Written by Eric Reyes

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