5 Tips To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Wooden floors will make your home elegant, beautiful, and timeless. Wood floors can last for decades if maintained adequately is done.  Most types of wood flooring are durable and resilient. However, they still need proper care and protection from damage.

Moreover, the beauty and durability of solid wood floors make them one of the best choices when it comes to home flooring. Environmental threats and daily wearing and tearing due to activities can cause damage if no protection is done.

When you decide to choose hardwood flooring, always remember that you do need plenty of care and maintenance, but the results are well worth it, as you maintain the floor with proper management as it will stay in excellent condition for many years.

How should you care for your hardwood floor?

  • Keep your Floor always Clean

The utmost common threat to your flooring is the dirt as it can cause scratches and dullness on the surface. The solution is to do regular cleaning with the use of broom and vacuum cleaner. Besides, regular cleaning will benefit you by making the house more inviting.

  • Keep the Wood Flooring always dry

Water is a potent threat to hardwood floors. It can cause bending of the wood planks. So, if a liquid spill happens, you should clean it up immediately.

Make sure you use only a slightly- wet mop when you mop- up to the floors. Moreover, do not always keep on mopping the floor. Instead, you do regular sweeping using a soft-bristled broom will be enough to keep a hardwood floor free of dirt that can scratch or dull floors.

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  1. Protect your Hardwood Flooring from Furniture

Scratches and marks from furniture legs are the most common threats to solid wood flooring. Luckily, by using felt furniture tips that you can buy in any do-it-yourself home improvement stores, you can now prevent scuffs and scratches in your wood flooring. You attach these tips to the furniture legs with a built-in and non-damaging adhesive, so they will be the cushion of the furniture when it touches directly to the wood floor.

However, it is always the best advice to lift the furniture when moving instead of dragging them across the floor. It is because even the felt- furniture that acts as the protection will also lose its hold. You may not be aware of the removal of the felts, and you can notice that there is a big scratch in the wood flooring after you finish dragging.

Wood floors installation is also standard in area-rugs spaces in homes. Like the furniture, they can also cause scratches to the floor if they slide around too much. Therefore, it is a recommendation to put no-skid pads with the rugs. Skid-pads are rubber backings both to protect the floors and prevent the rugs from sliding that can potentially cause people to trip and fall.

  • Keep trimming the nails of your pets and wear Sensible Footwear

If you have pets like dogs, be aware that their nails are another way that scratches can happen on hardwood floors. In a regular basis, trimming the nails of your pets is the best way to avoid the scratches.

Besides our pets, we as the owner of our beautiful home can also cause damage to the floors with our footwear. Wearing a pair of high heels shoes can cause scratches. So, not wearing heels at home is the best way to protect the floors.

  • Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight

Beware that sunlight can cause damage to your hardwood floor. Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration. So, make sure that no area of the wood floor receives too much direct sunlight.

It is best to use curtains and blinds are the most inexpensive means to minimize exposure to sunlight.

You may also use a mat to cover part of the floor that has substantial exposure to sunlight. You may also move the carpet around to ensure similar levels of sun elsewhere can help even out the color.


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