5 Reasons To Consider Aluminum Doors And Windows

Aluminum has been called a “miracle metal” which is found as a Bauxite ore. It is also the most abundant metal on the planet and the 3rd most common element in earth’s crust.

That is the reason why aluminum is becoming an increasingly popular choice in making windows and doors for contemporary buildings, homes, and many more places. Aluminum is the right choice if you would like to upgrade the levels of security, insulation or aesthetics in your building or home.

Although, if you want to buy aluminum doors in Sydney then you can just order it from Have a look at these different reasons why you should opt for aluminum doors and windows for your home or building.

Light in Weight: Aluminum weighs only 2.7g/cm3 which makes it one of the lightest commercially available metals. This is what makes it ideal for window and door frames. But you should usually use a lightweight frame for curtain walling. Curtain walls are not structural and can only carry their own weight, so the lighter the better.

Corrosion Resistant: If you wish that your doors or windows don’t corrode then choose aluminum. This is because it consists of a protective layer of aluminum oxide on the surface whenever it comes into contact with air. Due to this layer, aluminum is extremely resistant to corrosion from anything the weather can throw, including acid rain.

On the other hand, aluminum window frames won’t swell, crack, split or warp over the years like timber or PVC-U frames. You can also increase the protection of corrosion by anodizing or painting the surface.

Won’t break: Aluminum might be the softest metal but it is malleable and ductile, which means it can be bent or pressed into shape or drawn out into a thin wire without losing its toughness and without breaking or cracking. In simple words, aluminum is pliable, not brittle.

In fact, it is the 2nd most malleable metal and the 6th most ductile metal in the world. This is great for people that are looking a curved curtain wall or window as it can be bent or pressed into the required shape without breaking.

Recyclable: Did you know that aluminum is 100% recyclable? Yes, you have read it right and the recycled aluminum is almost identical to that of virgin aluminum. This means it can be recycled again and again. Today, nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still used. This characteristic of aluminum also makes it great for the environment as it creates a smaller carbon footprint and lowers costs.

Strong and Durable: Aluminum alloys are used to make window door and curtain wall frames because pure aluminum on its own does not have high tensile strength. But when alloyed with other elements like manganese, silicon, copper, and magnesium its strength increases vastly. The tensile strength of pure aluminum is about 90 MPa but it can be increased to over 690 MPa by adding alloy with it.

Aluminum which is one of the lightest engineering metals has a better strength to weight ratio than steel when used as an alloy. Further, the strength of aluminum increases as it gets colder, whereas the steel becomes brittle at low temperatures. This simply means that your aluminum bi-fold doors in Sydney can more than cope with the extreme winter temperatures.

Easy to Make into Frames: Aluminum window and door frames are made using an extrusion process i.e. by forcing the pre-heated aluminum alloy through a die to create an aluminum profile. After that, these profiles are joined together to form the frame.

Due to this process, the window and door frames get these unique characteristics. Aluminum also has great machinability which makes it easy to accurately fabricate the aluminum profiles into the finished wood frame.


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Written by Ryanholman