5 Costly Dangers Of Having A Mossy Commercial Roof

Presence of moss is a silent yet invasive condition that stains your roof. Fortunately, it doesn’t necessarily lead to a roof replacement. You just have to call a professional roofer in Oklahoma to clean your commercial roof thoroughly restoring it to its original condition. Avoid phony roofers who might try to persuade you to get a roof replacement because of moss. Get on the phone and call a professional roofer to avoid these 5 costly dangers of having a mossy commercial roof.

What promotes moss growth?
Before digging deeper into the danger of having a mossy roof, it pays to understand what promotes the presence of moss on your roof. A roof with shaded areas prone to regular dampness resulting from cool weather encourages moss growth. Alternatively, the presence or absence of sunlight on your roof determines the extent of moss growth leading to water absorption and retaining. Further growth puts your roof at risk of tiles cracking in winter.
Moss likes growing on cement and agitates bond between ridge tiles and the roof. Although moss alone doesn’t damage tiles, its removal significantly benefits the gutters. It eliminates blockages making the gutters to work more efficiently. This will lead to less gutter maintenance to save you a significant amount. Lessening gutter blockages ensures that gutter guards and downspout pipes work properly.
Dangers of moss presence on your roof

Inhibits curb appeal

In a highly competitive business environment, your business should be appealing to customers in the best way possible. Therefore, customers wouldn’t like seeing your commercial roof with large greenish patches. This results from moss accumulation resulting from poor maintenance and it makes your business seem disorganized and unprofessional. With less curb appeal on your premises, your business seems unattractive. Ensure to call a professional agency offering commercial roofing in OKC to come and clean your roof and enhance its curb appeal.
Affects longevity
A roof keeps everyone on your business premises including employees and customers safe. It also protects your assets and equipment protected from harsh weather elements and theft. Poor maintenance promotes accumulation of moss that reduces the roof’s lifespan. Although an asphalt roof can last from 20 to 30 years, allowing moss to thrive significantly compromises the roof’s lifespan by about 30 percent. Moss presence on the roof encourages multiple structural problems that compromise the roofing system.
Encourages leaks
Leaving moss to thrive on your commercial roof makes it to produce rhizomes. These minuscule fibers penetrate deeper into the roof’s substrate. It loosens granules protecting the shingles from cracking, warping, and drying out. Additionally, moss can absorb about 20 times its own weight in moisture. Holding this much water increase weight on your roof causing significant damage to shingles, underlayment, and whole roof structure. This encourages more roofing problems such as:
Wet attic insulation, Soaked ceilings, Major interior water leaks, Customer and employee anguish.
Presence of such problems above is likely to interfere in business operations especially when it rains. Employees can’t keep working in a leaking environment. Additionally, a leaking business premise is obviously less appealing to customers. Luckily, you can save face by calling a professional commercial roofer to clean moss from the roof.
Affects commercial roof liability Insurance
This is necessary to cover for any accidents that might happen or occurrence of any situation that might damage your property or products. Perhaps your roof has leaks that damage ceiling carpets and tiles, or a fire that might cause considerable repairs. The premium for commercial liability insurance is determined by various factors including the present state of your roof. A poorly maintained roof with moss presence is likely to attract a higher premium than a clean roof. This is because sooner or later, the moss is likely to encourage the occurrence of significant problems highlighted above.
Wrapping up
Allowing moss to thrive on your commercial roof is a recipe for disaster. It encourages problems like leaks and costly repairs and insurance premium. Additionally, a business premise with a moss-ridden roof is likely to be less appealing to customers. It makes your business seem disorganized and unattended too. Luckily, you can avoid all those problems by calling a professional roofer to clean your roof. This will restore your commercial roof to its original state without investing in a roof replacement.


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