4 Useful Hacks to Properly Maintain Your Coffee Machine

A good coffee machine is worth its weight in gold. Luckily, its actual price is often quite lower than that. This doesn’t, of course, mean that you should just let it slide, and buy a new one whenever your old one breaks. Treat the coffee machine with respect, it’s the heart of any home or office. And the best way to show this kind of respect is by maintaining it properly. Some very basic maintenance work is needed to keep your coffee machine running for a long time, and to keep the coffee it makes as good as it was the first time you started it up.

Use It Properly

One of the biggest issues that will shorten a coffee machine’s lifespan is people not using it properly. Stick to the instructions exactly as they have been described in the machine’s manual. These instructions are there for a reason. One of the prime examples is just how much water to use. Those minimum and maximum amounts of water have been pointed out in order to protect the machine. While it won’t short circuit or anything of that nature, improper use can lead to a more severe scale build up, among other things.

Also, observe the surroundings the coffee machine is in. These things tend to generate a solid amount of heat, and the last thing they need is to be in some cramped space. You also don’t want the machine to be exposed to direct sunlight, since this can heat it up more, and can damage the plastic components during the hot summer months.

Clean It Regularly

A big part of coffee machine maintenance is simple cleaning. If you clean it out regularly, you will prevent any residue from building up in your machine. This can seriously alter the taste of the coffee you make, and can even clog the machine up. Furthermore, scale build-up occurs, even if you use the machine properly.

You want to mitigate these issues by rinsing out detachable parts of the machine after every use, if possible (or at least once per day). You should also descale it at least once a month. We suggest you use baking soda. Use one cup of warm water and one-quarter cup of baking soda. Then, pour it into the coffee machine tank. Let the machine run a full cycle, and then just empty the thing out. You may need to do this a couple of times more, depending on the degree of scale build-up.

Get the Right Parts

Just because your machine stopped working doesn’t mean you should throw it out. Perhaps all you have to do is get a replacement part. However, when you can, try to get the best components possible. Namely, you won’t really achieve much if all you do is get a cheap replacement part that will break in a week. So, get the right parts from the right company, like Wholesale Appliance Supplies, for example. Furthermore, maybe your manufacturer offers free replacement parts or even may want to replace the entire machine. Check your warranty for any further details.

General Maintenance

Try to keep the machine dry when it’s not in use. Moisture can clog up the machine, and may cause bacteria to form. While this, of course, does not happen soon, if left unattended for too long, this will definitely happen.

Also, inspect the machine for any signs of damage. Things like open electrical wiring, cracks, broken glass, chipped plastic…

You also want to flush the coffee machine out after daily use. Just put some water, and let it go through one cycle, just to rinse it out. While yore there, you also want to scrub the shower screen of the machine daily as well.


In order to properly maintain your coffee machine, you need to do a couple of things. Namely, first, you need to clean it on a regular basis. You also need to inspect it regularly for any cracks, and to pay attention to the actual location of the machine. If you have the option, try to get replacement parts before you decide to buy a completely new machine. Just remember to be thorough and diligent, and you will definitely increase its lifespan significantly.


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Written by Patrick Adams

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