The difference a luxury shower cabin can make to your bathroom

Modern life can be physically and mentally stressful.  That stress can take a toll on our health and the growing recognition of this harsh fact of modern life has led to an increased emphasis on taking regular action to protect our health and wellness.  This is one of the many reasons why home owners are so eager to have luxurious bathrooms and the good news is, even if space is tight and your budget is tighter, it’s still possible, in large part thanks to modern innovations such as luxury shower cabins.  Here are some tips.

Spend your budget where it matters

If you’re going for luxury on a budget, you may be tempted to spend a little bit here and a little bit there to try to get as much more your money as possible.  While this is understandable, it’s usually the least efficient approach. You’ll usually get the most benefit by spending your budget on one statement piece with real “wow” factor and then upgrading the rest of it as finances allow.  

A luxury shower cabin is the ideal choice for creating that luxury look when there are restrictions on money and/or space.  Depending on your finances, you can opt for a more basic model, which will still give you a great showering experience, or you can move up the range and get added functionality such as hydrotherapy jets and even steam generators with aromatherapy modules.  Even if the latter are out of your budget just now, you can start with the basics and then retrofit accessories such as steam generators when your funds permit.

Installing a luxury shower cabin will immediately give your bathroom a more luxurious look, regardless if you are replacing a bath or a standard shower.  Taking out a bath and replacing it with a luxury shower cabin really frees up a lot of valuable floor space. In fact, you might get quite a surprise at just how spacious your bathroom looks all of a sudden.  Taking out a standard shower and replacing it with a luxury shower cabin means you eliminate the need for tiling so you get a clean, streamlined look with minimal need for maintenance and, let’s face it, there’s nothing luxurious about cleaning moldy tiles or dirty old grout.

Update your key accessories

Once you have your luxury shower cabin in place, you can set about making lower-cost updates as your budget allows.  These are not likely to have the same impact on an individual basis, but when you put them all together, they can really take your bathroom to the next level.

Start by looking at your toilet and sink and everything which relates to them such as your toilet seat, toilet-roll holder, toilet brush, faucet and plug.  These are all necessities and hence will be required regardless of whatever else you decide to do with your bathroom. As such, you can upgrade them knowing you won’t have wasted your money if you decide to make changes to your bathroom later.  You can usually add your bathroom waste bin to this list, as they tend to be indispensable in most homes.

Review your storage

Having improved your bathroom so much, it would be a shame to fall over at the final, major hurdle.  Storage has become a huge issue in modern homes, in fact there’s a strong case for arguing that it has become the single, biggest issue for most home owners.  That being so, you may be tempted to look for ways to pack in as much storage as you can, especially if you have swapped out a bath for a luxury shower cabin and hence suddenly have some lovely, empty, floor space.  Hold off here and take some thinking time.

Think about what you actually do in your bathroom and what you really would like to do in your bathroom.  Then think about what you need to have in your bathroom in order to do this and what you would like to have in your bathroom in order to do this.  These items should be given priority in your bathroom space. For the rest, you need to make a judgement call on whether you want to prioritize creating extra storage space to hold them in your bathroom or whether you would like to keep your bathroom open, meaning that you need to find somewhere else to store the items.

For the sake of completeness, we should add, this article assumes you’ve already decluttered your bathroom and purged items you’re just not using.  If not, then we strongly recommend doing so.

Refresh your textiles and decor

By this point, the bones of your bathroom should be looking great, so all that remains is the fun of updating textiles and decor.  Where money and space is tight, we’d strongly recommend focusing on items which serve a useful purpose as well as looking good.  For example, premium towels will be much appreciated by bathroom users and can also serve to bring texture (and, if you wish, color) into the room.

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