Settle home in Italy’s village, just pay one Euro price

The inflation is not only in US, but its grip is also in other countries , However, even in one of Italy’s part , the house is announced in 1 Euro to settle.

Recently, Mr Giuseppe, The deputy Mayor of the ‘Sambuca’ area of Italy, has announced to sell home in 1 Euro, which has become a news headline. The Deputy Mayor of the Sambuca has announced this rapidly decreasing population as well because local people have migrated to large cities.

Deputy Mayor announced along with sale of houses in EUR 1, and announced that the owner of the house would have to spend 15,000 euros in renovation 3 years. Italy’s 1 Euro, is equal to US Dollar 1.14. mean In Italy, the home is cheap in Sambuca, Italy, which is impossible to imagine in US

Sambuca is a hilly area of Italy, from where Rome island can be seen and enjoy the natural beauty.


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