seful Advice on Choosing the Bathroom Sink

When choosing a sink for the bathroom, you need to think about both functionality and appearance. However, how to select among hundreds of models of custom vanity sinks? Irrespective of the design similarity, the following criteria are important: size, shape, placement of the seal, type of installation, and other parameters. We prepared for you the list of the most important criteria for choosing a sink.

Which Material Is Better?

Sinks are generally made from the most versatile materials:

·         ceramics

·         marble

·         glass

·         composite materials

The most common choice for bathrooms is white ceramic sinks. This material is quite practical because ceramics is not afraid of aggressive cleaning tools and water of different quality.

Glass, marble, or composite models often have bright colors, which are inspired by the wide possibilities of versatility. If you need an original bronze, turquoise, or black washbasin, it is rational to select from these options.

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Essential Features

When choosing the size of the bathroom sink, you need to be very careful. The optimal value of the width of the sink for the bathroom is generally from 45 to 65 cm. As for the depth, it can be from 25 to 40 cm. Of course, everything depends on the size of your bathroom.

Also, pay attention to the form as there is a wide variety of square, oval, round, and D-shaped models. The form is determined according to the type of installation and the dimensions of the pedestals so that it is installed properly. You can also select a non-standard form and make an individual order.

Altogether, the material, form, and size are the most important points in choosing your perfect bathroom sink. Of course, the design should also meet the style of the bathroom. We provide sinks of high quality and will help you to make the right choice.


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