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For the mass of people, a designer decor, when two or even more rooms become united into one big space, is not a new design option. The combination of the kitchen and the living room nowadays has become a very popular option for connecting few functional home zones within one big room.

Most often, this way of combining rooms and in such way expanding the possibilities of a new space is chosen if the kitchen is very small or the owners do not feel that their living room is enough comfortable. Sometimes, to this process of combining the kitchen with the living room or dining room, also is added the space of a corridor or even parts of the hallway. In such way, homeowners are getting absolutely new bright and spacious space that can be equipped with a more high level of comfort, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

The most apartments that are built in the new age, the home or apartment’s layout initially has involved already combined space of the kitchen with dining room and living room.

Creating a design for the multifunctional room is not an easy task for designers. It is necessary to properly distribute all functional segments of the rooms, to choose ergonomic furniture layout, to save the unity of all room’s stylistic solutions if there is an aim to obtain a stylish, harmonious, and outwardly appealing image of united space.

Any decor idea can have some pros and cons, it has the combined space also.


  • You get spacious space which becomes more comfortable with few functional zones. 
  • In the apartments with small kitchen area, it allows you to create dining area next to worker. It simplifies the process of serving table and makes the whole image of entire space more organic.
  • The traffic is significantly reduced between spaces.
  • Preparing food you can communicate with your family members that are in the living room, monitor your playing children.


  • there is the possibility that sounds and smells of the kitchen can penetrate the living area. For this to reduce, you need a powerful exhaust and may some other appliances. 
  • you must clean kitchen working area more often as everything is seen in from the living room.
But if you correctly plan the layout of the dining room, kitchen area, and living room, you can not only minimize all the disadvantages, bet also you get a great spacious dwelling.

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