Kitchen Countertop Trends to Avoid – 2020

A new year is a perfect time for a new kitchen! Are you re-doing your home kitchen? Maybe you’re building a new home and wondering how you can make a statement in the heart of the house? Either way, you will want to consider the newest kitchen countertop trends to ensure your kitchen space is modern and stylish. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of kitchen countertop trends you’ll want to avoid in 2020.

Granite countertops

Granite countertops are officially out of style. Quartz is replacing granite and becoming one of the biggest kitchen countertop trends in 2020. While granite has traditionally been a popular choice for countertops, it has been replaced for other kitchen countertop trends this year. If you’re looking for a fresh aesthetic, try white quartz.

If white quartz is not your thing, read more about the various colors that quartz comes in.

Mismatched benchtops

Remember the shabby chic and kitschy-type kitchens where nothing really matched but the overall aesthetic still kind of worked? There will be no more of this in 2020. This year, new kitchen countertop trends are all about sticking to one look throughout the entire kitchen. The benchtop is a key element of this and should be given proper consideration. It needs to suit the look of the room as well as the entire house. Do not create soft, rustic vibes in your kitchen if the rest of your house is sleek and contemporary.

White countertops that blend with all-white kitchens

White quartz benchtops may be the newest kitchen countertop trend, but all-white kitchens are out. This year we will see many people opt for neutral colors such as beiges, greys and even forest greens. The benchtop should complement these colors, creating a seamless theme and inviting space rather than a stark white room.

Other kitchen trends to avoid to ensure the new kitchen countertop trends work for you

Now you know how to nail the kitchen countertop trends in 2020, but what about the rest of the kitchen? These are other things you should avoid when designing your kitchen so that your new kitchen countertop trends don’t go to waste.

Microwaves on benchtops

Make sure your new countertop can be seen in all its glory by minimizing the appliances kept on it. Recently there has been a trend to keep microwaves in a space above the bench, however, we are now seeing many people choose to have microwave spaces below the countertop. This was the way it is easy to admire the countertop (especially important if you choose to follow the newest countertop trends!) and also allows more space for cabinets above.

Stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances have had a good run however they are notoriously difficult to clean. For this reason, many people are opting for black stainless, a material that is much easier to clean than its predecessor. Black stainless products are also very complimentary of the kitchen countertop trends we are seeing in 2020, especially white quartz benchtops.

Pot racks

Another kitchen trend that has stuck around for a while is hanging pot racks. Many kitchens have had extensive hanging pot collections, using these as a statement piece as well as providing functional access to this kitchen equipment. In 2020, we are seeing pots return to their drawers. Countertops will become the ultimate statement piece of the kitchen once again without the distraction of eye-catching pot racks.

Bright brass

Bright brass hardware has been a popular trend, however, it is now being replaced by metals that are more understated. It is easy to update your kitchen by removing old brass hardware and replacing it with nickel (try satin or brushed) that will soften the overall look of your kitchen. Nickel is also better suited to the kitchen countertop trends in 2020, so your kitchen aesthetic will come together seamlessly.

Distressed Cabinets

Distressed cabinets are another kitchen trend that is now a thing of the past. People are favouring more modern looks with crisp, clean finishes, as opposed to the glazed or distressed look that has been popular over the last ten years or so.

Small splashbacks

While small splashbacks have been very popular, they simply aren’t practical. After all, who has that much control over where things splash? Thankfully, the large splashback has returned to kitchens worldwide and we can be grateful for the increased protection from inevitable splashes. This year, splashbacks will be found running the entire length of a kitchen, protecting the wall and complementing the countertop.

You are now prepared with all of the latest kitchen countertop trends and things to avoid in your new kitchen. It’s time to move forward with your own designing and renovations!


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