How to Ingeniously Pick the Perfect Glass Table Tops for Your Home – Pro Guide

Glass has been in our lives for centuries. Glass started its journey way back in the ’70s, now has become a perpetual household article in our homes. Though a lot of other material has been evolved themselves too but glass is chief substance in becoming hot choice equally.

Glass has maintained its top of the list position due to some of it’s astonishing yet everlasting features making it extensively used material in indoors and outdoors. Glass present clear and enchanting visual glance, giving a clear and transparent outlooks glass can make any surface area interesting.

Other than that glass is portable and lightweight easy to carry material, you can have a lot when using perfect glass sheets in your homes. Last but not the least glass is easy to clean and convenient to maintain glass tops available in different and affordable price ranges.

Glass Table Tops – Indoor Glass Work

As glass is equally popular in, in the house customization and renovation projects and for out the house uses. In indoors glass is used as window panels, countertops, glass table wears, partitions, mirror glass, light ornaments, and as many more other articles. But if we exclusively talk about glass tables then-House owners and designers can choose glass table tops for kitchen tables, dining halls, coffee tables, side tables, meeting tables, conference room tables and bars’ table wears as well.

We are here to help you choose among multiple options available so that you ultimately pick the best glass tabletop which will be not only appealing but attractive too.

What Do You Need? Solid or Open Table Top

Usually, glass tables have two sheets over each other so they are called solid sheeting glass tabletops. Otherwise, if the single glass sheet is over there then it is open tabletop. Kitchen glass tables, conference room tables, and dining halls are custom made and are of double panels. One upper panel is of the glass sheet, while the other middle panel is of any other material, plastic, wood, iron or vinyl. This other sheet is for providing support to the upper glass panel. Other than that open table tops are of the single panel which is made of glass most of the times. We advise you to choose double table tops for your kitchen and dining halls and open table tops for your coffee tables.

Shapes – Choose That Fits Best in Your Ambiance

  • Round & Radius: usually for making small kitchen tables and for small coffee tables these radius shapes are chosen.
  • Oval and medium: for a medium-sized family and for slightly open kitchen oval-shaped table wears are trendy.
  • Rectangular: large tables spread from one corner to another are made of rectangular shaped tops.

Thick Table Top VS Thin Table Glass

Glass sheets are of two types, available in the market or can be made customized. Double table tops are made of thin sheeting solutions while single table cover is of thick sheets. If you have more of glasswork in your interior home designing and home remodeling then choose thick glass table tops especially for your dining hall and living room table. But for the coffee tables and living room tables those which are just placed as tables not used frequently can be made of thin tabletops.

Laminated Glass or Tempered Glass Sheets

Laminated glass sheets are though tough and hard but tempered glass sheets are 3-10 times more durable and shatter-free. Large table covers indispensably should be made up of tempered glass sheets while small coffee tables or side tables can be made of thick laminated glass panels.

According to some regulations by local housing authorities it is necessary to use tempered glass sheets for large glass sheetings and for large window panels. Tempered glass is less likely to be shattered but in case of high strain, they convert themsekves into tiny harmless pieces. Therefore, they are believed to be safe glass options.

Clear Glass VS Cast Iron Glass

Glass tabletops can be made of clear glass sheets but there is another option available which is lightly tinted. The second option is cast or low iron glass sheets. There is just no substantial difference between these tow types but they are a little apparently different. Both these glass sheets are used in making glass top covers and other glass counterparts.

Different Type of Edges Available

  • Round: edges are shaped to be round through casting and cutting, so they may appear fine.
  • Polished: some table edges are made softer by clean polishing over them.
  • Rugged: tabletop glass sheets are rugged from sides to make them less sharped from edges.
  • Tailored: experts make tailoring techiques over the lass surfeces to keep their edges soften and folded.

What Other Options for Glass Table Tops are Available?

Explore with us what other options of tabletops you can opt easily, other than glass.

  • Acrylic sheets: substituting glass sheets nicely these acrylic sheets can be used instead of glass. But they need high maintenance than glass covers because they are not ass good heat and abrasive resistant as glass sheets are.
  • Annealed glass table wears: Instead of using clear glass sheets or tempered glass sheets, a special type of glass made through chemical and acidic reaction over it can be used as glass table covers.
  • Matallic table wears: when we talk about metallic table tops then brass, metallic alloys, iron, aluminum, and vinyl all come in our mind. You always have multiple options but you must choose cleverly what suits best and what will runway long with your inner home atmosphere. Iron is tough a long-standing but gets rusty without proper take care. Aluminum is having good longevity and also rust-free. While vinyl sheets are no doubt sleek and decent at any surface.
  • Plastic tabletops: Plastic tables tops are also a good option available but just in case you are making kids’ place otherwise they are not much trendy nowadays.

Wood: An evergreen and long-standing widely used material in indoor home designing is wood. Wood is tough, safe and classic solutions for glass tables


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