How to Hire the Best Tiling Company?

Do you feel that tile installation is a simple job and can be a DIY project? Well, it might sound easy-peasy, but it is a tedious task when it comes to complex patterns and applications. So, we suggest hiring a professional installer to get work done effectively and be relaxed during the process.

Here are specific tips that can help you while hiring a tiler company. 

  1. Look out for experience, and not just the brand name 

Some upcoming brands might sound impressive, but they are of no use if they don’t have the requisite years of experience. A non-tile expert is definitely a red-flag. Only tiler companies with at least three years of experience should be considered. Similarly, the tiler companies that you shortlist should have proven expertise in floor as well as wall tiling. When tiling your house you don’t want to miss any detail about the company you plan to hire. While it is true that recommendations are useful to ease the process, never miss an opportunity to ask whatever you consider is relevant for you to start any renovations.

  1. Check out license and other formalities before shortlisting 

During the shortlisting process itself, you have to check the license, insurance coverage and certifications. A tiler coming with no documentation should not be entertained at all. Tilers in Auckland have all the certifications will be knowledgeable and well-trained to thrive in the tile industry. So, such companies are the best and should be in your shortlisted list of tilers.

  1. Check for past projects 

Never trust a company’s words, instead, check their completed work. An expert tiler will certainly provide you with details of the work done in the past. Yes, they will also be humble enough to share the contact details of previous clients so that you can personally visit them. Some installers might hesitate in furnishing this information; you will get an idea what to do with them.

On the same lines, checking reviews and ratings of each installer is mandatory. Also, confirm whether the reviews are non-biased and not written by paid clients. They should be 100 percent genuine.

  1. Do not miss out recommendations 

If you had been impressed with the work at your friend’s place, then ask for references. You can also learn about your friend’s experience in dealing with that tiler company. If everything seems alright, you should surely contact them at the earliest.

  1. Have a detailed discussion 

Once you have the shortlisted list of tilers, discuss with them about your requirements, budget, schedules and other important aspects. You have to know more about the final tile installer. With this step, you will understand the professionalism and communication patterns of the concerned company. Yes, the friendly and polite one will win your heart.

In a nutshell, you have to seek a complete idea about the experience, know-how, skills, communication level, timeliness of the tiler company before making the final decision. Tiling your home is a substantial investment, do it consciously.


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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