How to Choose the Right Folding Driveway Gates Kit?

Every homeowner has the option of choosing from different types of traditional and folding driveway gates kit. The purpose of any driveway gate is to provide privacy, security, and convenience. Privacy does not only restrict to the property and premises but also involves the protection and safeguarding the privacy of the family members. Driveway gates act as a first line of security for the residents. However, the functionality of a driveway gate is dependent on certain important factors. In fact, the gate post you choose also impacts the performance of your driveway gate and the utility it provides. Usually, gate posts are used for the purpose of providing both support and structure to the gate.

Material and Size

If you choose a gate made of aluminum, the gate post must be strong enough to handle the weight. Similarly, the size of the folding driveway gates kit also plays a crucial role in the decision of selecting an ideal gate post. It is preferred that the post extends down through the deck floor creating a grip.


You can opt for a decorative gate post or a functional gate post depending on your choice. Decorative gate posts are ornamental and add to an aesthetic appeal of your property – residential or commercial. The design, appearance, and style are dependent on how you want to enhance the décor of your home exterior.


Posts for folding driveway gates kit come in various materials such as wood, metal, and heavy-duty plastic. Posts you choose must be sturdy and must be able to support the gate. You cannot have a post that starts to lose its grip and shakes in a short span of time. Gate posts must be long-lasting and must give balance for a long period of time. Furthermore, the material must be such that it can withstand rain, snow, sunlight, and other extremities of the local weather conditions.


Gate posts are generally available in pairs. The first post is used for gate support while the other for latch support. However, depending on the size and width of the folding driveway gates kit you choose, you may need multiple gate posts.

Simple steps to keep in mind when purchasing gateposts:

  • The first and foremost step is to choose the gate you want. There are several options available for the same. Take a measurement of the entry where the driveway gate will be installed. This will make the selection of a gate easier for you.
  • Measure the height of the gate you have purchased to get an idea of the Post Section required. This will be available with the details of the gate before you purchase the folding driveway gates kit.
  • Research different gate post options depending on your requirements. Filter the choices based on your preferences with respect to material, height, and size.
  • If the gate you choose has differing heights at the center and the sides, measure side height for the purchase of gate post.
  • After you have measured the gate height, you need to determine whether posts will be inserted below the deck or will just be installed as a wall fixing.
  • Please note, if you purchase two gates, you need two hanging posts. In the case of a single gate, you require one latch post and one hanging post.

Folding driveway gates kit are a great idea and anyone who can afford to have one should consider it. It maintains the privacy of the home and also increases its value. It adds convenience since you don’t have to get off your car to manually open the gate. Furthermore, it looks cool when you are letting someone enter your house. It adds to an aspect of luxury, and also to an aesthetic appeal.


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