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How Choosing the Right Paint Can Increase Overall Productivity

‘Productivity’ is a buzz word in any organisation, and it’s takes a lot of planning and effort to improve the overall productivity of any office environment.

Is there any simpler solution?

How about making the office environment a bit more colourful? I mean, literally!

Vibrant colours will surely give your office a creative and dynamic look while psychologically affecting your employees. The colour and décor at your office that you have been giving less priority, plays a big role in improving productivity. Colours can affect you physically, emotionally, and intellectually. According to Angela Wright a renowned colour psychologist, colour influences every person.


How psychology of colour improves productivity?

Each colour has its effect on your brain evoking your feeling, thoughts and behaviours. When working in a fast-paced business, you need your employees to be energetic, active and alert. So, you need a colour that can get their heart rate pumping. When you need your employees to focus, use something that takes their stress away. Release all the tension around with colours that boost your creativity and serenity. For those with long working hours, colours can calm the eyes and increase efficiency.

If you are planning to colour your new office or renovate your old one, the following tips can help improve productivity at your workplace.

Get rid of anxiousness by blue

Blue is a soothing colour that calms your mind. If you feel stressed out and anxious about your work, this colour can help you relax. Besides, blue hue can help reduce blood pressure and heart rate. Apart from painting the wall blue, you can also put some blue decorative piece at your table to focus on your work.

blue office interior to release stress

Let red give you energy

If you always feel tired at the office, red can be your rescuer. This colour is quite stimulating that gets your heart pumping and makes the adrenaline flow throughout your body. This colour can evoke a strong physical response inside you, keeping you energetic all day. The colour is most suitable in a workplace where physical exertion is required.

red office interior for energy

Keep your depression at bay with yellow

Yellow is known as the strongest psychological colour, and you can easily see why. The colour represents the bright sunshine that can uplift your mood and confidence level. Going through severe depression is common in any workplace. Painting the wall yellow, hanging a curtain, or a yellow coffee mug at your desk can give you a cheerful vibe and help you think positively.

Yellow office environment helps with depression at work

Green brings balance

If you feel trapped for working all day and night, it’s time to bring some balance. Green is the colour of nature. It can bring a balance between the other primary colours and helps you feel happier and relaxed. Put some green in the wall, or use a green carpet. You can also place a little tree at your desk that will decorate your workstation and bring balance at the same time.

Green decor for calm and peace of mind

Let orange inspire you

If you’re an artist where you need some inspiration to show your creativity, orange can be the perfect choice for you. The orange hue can boost your creativity and improve concentration. It can stimulate your adrenaline and keep you excited.

Orange meeting room to inspire more

Purple for some motivations

Sometimes, you might feel extremely demotivated to work hard. You feel unappreciated to push yourself to the next level. You can use some purple to get rid of that problem. The colour is related to healing and meditation, thus help you to overcome your mental block and get motivated to work. Just keep a lavender mug or penholder at your desk to keep feeling motivated all the time.

purple for some office motivation

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Colours you need to avoid (meaning, use less!)

While some colours can boost your productivity, some other colours can just do the opposite. You should not use some colours in the workplace:


Black furniture or desk may give you a sense of power. But overdoing black can lead to heavy feelings and depression.

Neon yellow

Neon yellow is disturbing for the eyes. Looking at this colour for a long time can irritate and strain your eyes.

Dark purple

Like scarlet red, dark purple is considered as a romantic colour. Using it in the office could be inappropriate for the environment.


You will find it difficult to concentrate if your surroundings have a turquoise hue. Do not use this colour in an office where extreme concentration and focus are needed.

Lime green

Green is definitely most people favourite to bring balance in the workplace. But do not use lime green as this one is quite distracting and may give you a bothersome, artificial vibe.

Choosing the wrong colour can often do harm rather than good. It is important that you know which colour goes with your business. You can also mix two or more colours to boost productivity at your workplace. Remember, colour choice is very personal and varies person to person. What works for your productivity may not work for your co-worker. So, do not overwhelm your office area with colours. Use them moderately to bring the perfect balance of colour that helps boost productivity.

End of the day it’s a bit complex process to get what you need by yourself, so better call a professional painting company or colour consultant for an initial assessment. They’re expert in this field and will be able to guide you properly.

So why wait? Jump in tomorrow (and tell your boss about this incredible idea!)


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