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You have spent huge money to pay off your mortgage as it is. After long wait the day has finally come when you got the title of your property. Are you feeling excited? However, one thing you still have to do is filling the room. You do not have to spend a fortune to decorate your house. You will find a lot of unused furniture around that can be customised to have a stunning home as you envisaged.

When it comes to taking a few tips for refurbishment of your home, the internet usually provides the same and monotonous information, for instance, do not buy expensive furniture, keep it tidy, modify used furniture, and so forth. Well, the advice is not that bad but no actionable steps stream on the internet. Here are some inexpensive ideas to decorate your home.

Checklist to furnish your dream house

How will you fill the space if you do not have any vision? Of course, you do not have to spend an inordinate amount of money, but you need a proper plan to keep the ball rolling. Following is the checklist that you must have before the project gets off the ground.

  • Make a list of what you need

Visit your new home, take a pad and a paper to jot down things you need in every room. Start to point down everything you think is important to have in a room. Note down everything from beds, chairs and couches to garbage cans, racks and lamps.

  • Prioritise

Filling the whole space in one go is quite overwhelming. Look at the list of things and prioritise them. For example, you will need beds and couches first before paintings and garbage cans. Buy things with higher rank before than those with lower rank.

  • Make a budget

Budget is the heart of your plan; if it fails, your plan will go awry. Before you go to a market to buy furniture and related items, you should create a budget to figure out the estimate of funds you need. Make sure that you have set aside money for emergency in case any unexpected expense arises. If you fall short of cash, you can take out personal loans or home improvement loans. You do not have to pay off them in lump sum like payday loans. These loans are much more affordable as they carry lower interest rates.

  • Shop and fill the room

Once you have prepared a budget and a list of things, the next step is to start shopping. Make sure that you buy things on priority basis. If your budget is worn out, try to put aside money and then continue to buy things.

  • Do not ignore quality

Do not let the feeling of filling the space overwhelm the aspiration of having quality furniture that will last for a long time. Mattress, chairs and bed frames must be top-notch. However, you can save that money in frames and lamps. They do not be very expensive.

Inexpensive ways to furnish your house

Now that you have come to know what you need before furnishing your house. Here are some ways to refurbish your house on the cheap:

  • Used furniture can change the whole scenario:

Nothing can be more inexpensive than making the most of unused old furniture. If you are a fond of traditional wooden look, make a coffee table from a pallet. A handful of tools like saw, hammer, drill, paintbrush, and hairpin legs are sufficient to carve out a coffee table.

You can also make a knockoff from your bookshelf. All you need to do is add short legs and paint it all over. You can also cover it with a wallpaper to make it embellished. Once it is ready, keep whatever you would like to.

Buying fancy curtain rods are waste of money. Instead, you should use PVC pipe as a curtain rod. The whole rod set up will hardly set you back £50. If one of your family members is old, you may need a footrest stool. Do not need to rush into the market to buy expensive footrest stool. Instead, grab an old drawer, take plywood with a cushiony fabric fixed on the top of it and cover the stool with it as a lid. Your footrest stool is ready.

  • Lighting

Illuminate your home with statement lights and geometric lamps. Use different colourful lights and glimmering mirrors to accentuate the modern appeal of your house.

  • Greenery

Nature is never far-off when you need peaceful atmosphere. If your house does not have a garden, the best way to connect with nature is to bring plants in. Keep all sizes of plants. Opt for air plants that are low maintenance. Indoor greenery will not only improve the air quality of your home but also make you feel stress free and calm.

  • Designer ceiling

Contact an interior decorator who could supply simple yet aesthetic ceiling options. You will have a wide range of options to choose from flush lights to track lights. To get a cheaper deal, research the market. Ask for the quote and durability and choose the one that fits your budget.

  • Kitchen appliances

You kitchen must have basic appliances like microwave oven. Try to buy branded appliances as they go for a long time. If you are running on a budget, you can take out unsecured loans for bad credit people to fund your needs. They will not take a toll on your finances.

Final words

There is no fixed method to furnish your house on the cheap. Your vision and budget play a paramount role when it comes to furnishing your house. The best way to achieve your goal is to prepare a budget and make a list of necessities. The house does not have to be perfect within a couple of months. In fact, it cannot be perfect. Trends change, your likes and dislikes change. The house is yours; ultimately, you have to decide the way you want your house to look.


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Written by Pradeep Jangra

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