Home Design Details for a Luxury Home 

If you love interior design, follow the trends, and know exactly what’s new in the world of design, you probably have an idea of which designer brands are currently popular in interior design magazines, blogs, and social media.

Many of these designer brands have furnishings that cost an incredible amount of money, with everything from luxury furniture to designed vases and candlesticks.

But, you don’t really need to be excessively rich to spend on interior design to have a home that exudes luxury and design. There are more accessible options that allow anyone to have a home that looks like it was taken from an interior design magazine. In this article, we’ve listed some tips on how to do it.

Watch Winder

Organized closet spaces are one of the best ways of achieving a luxurious home. The success of design projects lies in the details – investing in functional accessories can instantly create a clean and lavish space.

Someone who adores their watches and owns a noteworthy collection should perhaps consider purchasing a high-quality Wolf watch winder that will ensure that automatic watches keep running and operating properly although they haven’t been worn. This is perfectly convenient for those who like to mix things up and wear different watches on a regular basis. It provides safe storage space and if you wish to add a decorative element to your closet space, look for a watch winder that’s meticulously crafted by hand and can last a lifetime.

Fabulous Carpet

Choosing the right kind of carpet for the living room is important if the room is to have a luxurious character. The number one tip is to invest in a large carpet, not a small, damp cloth that barely covers the furniture legs. The carpet should definitely extend beyond the sofa.

Another trick is to lay two medium-sized carpets wrapped next to each other, it gives the impression of a single large piece.

Then a super trick to obtain a glamorous matte look is to choose a matte material with shimmer woven into the fabric. Carpets with a silk feel are a great option right now as they will add a touch of smoothness and sophistication to the overall space.

Lavish Lighting

Much personality can be added to your living space when you choose proper lighting. Statement light fixtures are a critical interior design accent that you should never overlook.

Exciting shapes, soft contours, or classic materials that never go out of style – the choice is yours. Most designers would agree that a stylish lamp that goes well with the rest of the home can set the tone for the entire interior. A large ceiling lamp gives a luxurious feeling, whether it’s a crystal chandelier or another variant. 

A basic tip is also to have at least five light sources in each room. Good lighting makes the room feel bigger and gives a more sophisticated feeling when it gets dark. Light fixtures not only make amazing decorative accessories, but they also allow the light to accentuate different parts of the room and by casting light on the walls, curtains, and artwork.

Wall Colors

By using colors and contrasts in the interior, you can easily create an exciting and lush environment. Effective colors, patterns, and materials are the interior designer’s tips to give your home an exciting lavish lift.

Spend some time planning your color choice. If you have an idea with your accent colors, it will be easier to decorate and will make your home much more uniform and elegant. Use a small palette of accent colors that you stick to throughout the home or at least in at least three rooms. This way, you get a common thread through the interior and it’s easy to move accessories between the different rooms when you want a little variety. 

A rule of thumb is that an accent color should appear in at least three different places in the room. This way, you get the look as soon as you walk into the room and the accents would feel well thought out. Too many colors make a room confusing and messy, so be careful.

Get some clever inspiration from the pros. Perhaps you have a favorite painting or poster, some nicely patterned fabric, decorative pillow, or some other interior design item you like a little extra? Then you can simply copy the same color theme.

Final Thoughts

Turning your home into a luxurious, welcoming and personalized space isn’t hard when you learn how to incorporate just the right amount of luxury interior design accents and accessories. 

Whether it’s an eye-catching watch winder or a modern light fixture, you can fuse your style preferences with your interior décor and create an elevated lush feel.


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