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Are you thinking about introducing some exciting changes into your home but are not sure where to start or which direction to head in? Do you also appreciate the thrill of a good game? Then the possibility of having your own game room may spark curiosity in you. Exactly because of its colourfulness and the freedom of personal choice, a game room is a fantastic source of entertainment. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make it one hundred per cent irresistible.

Transformation tips

  • Before you start planning the concept, take into account the needs and preferences of all the family members. Children and adults will surely not find the same things interesting.
  • See which room will be the most suitable one for games. Preferably, choose a room that you don’t use at all or frequently, for example, if you have unused attic space, a neglected basement, or perhaps a garage you may subject to this transformation.
  • If possible, try to incorporate as rich a range of activities as you possibly can. Not only will it make the room less monotonous, but you are likely to always have something to please the taste even of the pickiest guest.

Concepts and details

1 – Steampunk game room

If you are designing your room to be used by adults and not for children, designing it in steampunk style will undoubtedly be an attraction. A classic game room will radiate elegance and class, and give you and anyone else spending time in it a sense of refinement and luxury. Place a solid wood billiards table in it, a dartboard, and preferably a bar nearby, and this will become your favourite room in your entire home.

2 – Multiple game zones

In case you are dealing with a larger part of your home and have plenty of room to let your imagination run wild, it’s a perfect chance to create a game room with various game zones or areas. For example, you can divide the room into six different sections, and have a board game, a video game, a children’s playground, a pool table, table tennis, and table soccer area. When you get bored with one, you can just move on to another activity within a matter of seconds and keep the fun going for hours on end. This mixed-type concept is particularly convenient if your game room will be used by persons of different age groups.

3 – Motion-video-games room

This idea is a good call if the room you are transforming is meant for teenagers and adults, and you have limited space to use which still allows for some freedom of movement. Stock the place will an abundance of motion games suitable for a variety of tastes and preferences. Don’t forget a good flat-screen TV with a fairly large screen to make the excitement even greater. This concept is still a valid option even if you are not turning an entire room into a game room and you don’t think you have a good spot to place the TV. You can easily solve this problem with mobile TV stands, which will allow you to place the TV where you need it for playing your games, and then easily return it to its usual position.

4 – Home version of amusement arcades

Have you ever been a fan of arcades? Do you have children who are just as enthusiastic about them? Try to make your own, home version of an arcade centre. Naturally, for this kind of game room concept you need to choose a room with plenty of space, due to the size of these games. You can make the whole area even more comfortable by setting up a juice bar and getting a few lazy bags for an ultimately laid-back and amusing experience. If you want your game room to look even more faithful to the real ones, complete the arcade-centre vibe with accent lighting.

5 – Multiplayer car race room

This idea is absolutely perfect if you and your friends are big on race cars and speed. Also, the room you will need for this concept does not have to be too space-demanding and you can decide how many players you want and can include in the room. However, considering the equipment needed, this does generally require a larger budget. You are going to need at least two racing seats or simulators, each one with its own gaming console and a TV. If you want to invite more people over for a car-game rendezvous, you can set wall benches behind the racing seats. That way, the players will also have a crowd to cheer them on and raise the level of excitement in the room!

6 – Theme game room for younger kids

It’s really difficult to make a mistake when you are creating a game room for children, seeing how their curiosity is easily triggered by anything related to entertainment. So, whether it is video games, board games, toys, it can all find its purpose in a children’s room.

Still, if you want this space to have a certain pattern and own touch of personality and uniqueness, turn to your child for guidelines. See what it is that he or she likes, certain shapes, colours, cartoons, places, and try to design a room which will incorporate those elements. You can use their favourite place or cartoon as material for an overall room theme, while also incorporating other details into it that comes in the child’s favourite colours and forms. It’s also a good idea to leave room for resting: place a bed in the game room so that both rest and recreation are within reach in the same space.

To conclude…

You can hardly go wrong with designing and creating a room as fun as this. The most important thing to remember, however big or small it may be, is that it should not suit the needs of just one person, but provide an abundance of joy and entertainment to both you and your loved ones.


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Written by Emily Wilson

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