Everything Wrong with Display Cabinets – And How to Fix Them

It is actually very much disappointing thing when you get to know there is some sort of problem which you need to fi urgently without wasting much time. There are different types of DIY process which you can individually handle in a better way. Here we will let you know about some issues related to the bathroom display cabinet which you can efficiently deal with an intelligent piece of work by your hands. It will not require much time of you to maintain it accurately as it was before. Just you need to follow the steps as it is.

  • Place an Extra Shelve in the Display Cabinet

If you are facing many problems for not having an extra shelve in the bathroom display cabinet, then you can also add it by your own in a better way. It will provide you much support for placing another item in it securely which you can utilize at the time of taking a bath in the bathroom.

How to fix it?

It is very much simple to fix this issue by getting the inner side of the bathroom mirror cabinets. Make sure to get exact measurement where you can easily get the exact cutting piece of wood from the market. Get in touch with the professional carpenter in this regard which can provide you the exact size of wood for the cabinet. First of all, you need to nail in the support of the wood in the sides of the cabinet and make sure to use glue in the sides of the supports which can easily hold shelve for a long time of period. You can also use the glue on the sides of shelve which can easily get attached with the side walls.

  • Replacement of Shattered Glass of the Cabinet

It is very much important to change the shattered glass of the cabinet which produces the bad factor of beauty in the respective area. Damage glass is very much dangerous because it can hurt you seriously from its sharp edges. It really needs to change to avoid any type of mishap in the future.

How to fix it?

First of all, you need to wear safety gloves and make sure to put the whole shattered glass nicely in the bin. After removing the shattered glass you need to get manage the new glass before the whole process. Open the side clips with the help of a screwdriver and place the new glass in replacement. Here you have the best replacement procedure which will never get much time of yours by any chance. There are different types of glass type available in the market which you can efficiently utilize for the same purpose. Make sure to deal with the trusted source from where you can get the exceptional glass type for personal use. This could be an amazing thing if you perform the whole task by your hands. It will not take much time of yours.

  • Soap Scum on the Bathroom Cabinet

It is an obvious thing that when you will place any glass type material in the washroom it will get hit by the soap scum which is quite annoying in look. It is not mean to change the whole glass of the cabinet but you can apply the DIY method to remove it completely and it will also bring the real shine to the cabinet glass as well.

How to fix it?

Display cabinet with glass doors often hit by the soap scum which is the quite a teasing element which you can easily remove with the simple DIY method. Just you need to arrange vinegar solution in a bowl which you need to wipe out with the clean piece of cloth respectively. Vinegar is the only better solution to remove all types of stains and soap scum element from the glass as well as it will bring back the real look of the items. This thing you can also resolve with the use of any type of liquid or stain cleaner which is widely available in the market to clean glass dining tables. Prices are different you can easily get them according to your desire and need.

  • Replacement of Broken Hinge

It is the most common issue right now to face trouble in the replacement of the broken hinge of the display cabinet with glass doors. This would be the best solution you may ever see. Just you need to focus on simple steps which will provide you a lot more knowledge as a support for the future respectively.

How to fix it?

With the help of a screwdriver, you need to open the screws of the whole hinge which you want to change. Now you probably have the new hinge which is compulsory to be like the exact size. You can place the new hinge in replacement of the old one. Tight the screws again and you have now a smooth door opening solution of the bathroom cabinet by all means.

  • Paint Well the Old Bathroom Cabinet

Do you really need to get update your bathroom cabinet which is completely showing the old look in your new bathroom? No need to change it here we will let you know the finest DIY solution which will definitely provide you a lot more benefits.

How to fix it?

If your bathroom cabinet is getting dull in look there is a simple and fine solution for you to get arrange for a paint tin. You need not arrange the big size of the paint tin. The small size of tin will be enough for the respective task. Just choose the color of the paint with deep consideration and buy a new paintbrush from the market for starting the task by your own hands. Paint it well and make sure no side will remain without paint and you just have to left the cabinet for dry at least one day. Here you have the finest look of the cabinet for your bathroom use.


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