Essential Things To Look At When Purchasing Bunk Beds

Bunk beds can be great additions to any home. But with so many types of bunk beds on the market, getting the right one that fits your needs and preferences can be challenging. Some homeowners think that buying these beds is more complicated than buying other pieces of furniture. 

Before purchasing a bunk bed, you need to consider several things. It should please you, your children, and satisfy your needs. Fortunately, you can find bunk beds at B2C furniture and other online retail shops. 

Read on to know what you need to look at when buying these beds. 

Room Space

Though bunk beds are great for smaller spaces, they can also fit in larger rooms. Before visiting a bunk bed store, you should measure the room’s floor space and ceiling height. Ensure there’s ample space between the ceiling and bunk bed to minimize bumps. Though bunk beds come in various heights, most of them are 6ft tall.

Your floor space will also determine the type of bunk bed you select. A twin bunk bed may not need more space. But if you buy one with unique features like drawers or pull-outs, you’ll need more room. You should also consider the position of the closets, doors, and windows to figure out the best place to fit them. The ideal location should be along a bare wall where it’ll not block doors or windows. 


Creativity has revolutionized many industries, including the bed industry. Today, bunk beds come with several features that make them serve more purposes other than just sleeping. Some have drawers that offer extra storage and workspaces. Bunk beds with slides may even double as play spaces. So, it’s best to select a bed that meets your family’s needs.

Some bunk beds come with modification features. That means you can buy a tiny bunk bed and separate it into two separate beds later. Alternatively, you may add a third bed. These options are ideal if you need something customizable. Moreover, they may serve your family’s needs as they continue to change and grow. 


Bunk beds come in various styles that you can select from. They’re also made from different materials like metal, wood, or a combination of the two. Depending on your style, you can choose traditional or modern styled bunk beds. If you like a country or cottage style, you’ll find plenty of options. 

You shouldn’t only consider style when choosing these beds. The style you select should be safe for your kids and other family members. Ensure that the bed has footboards, headboards, guardrails, and other safety features. Also, always remind your children to observe safety rules when playing or sleeping on a bunk bed. 


Initially, bunk beds only came in one size: the twin size. However, this has changed, and you can find XL and queen-sized bank beds. When determining the size to buy, you should consider your child’s age and the room where the bed will be placed. 

The Bottom Line

Bunk beds are great pieces of furniture that you should have in your house, especially if you have a big family. But to ensure that you get a bed that serves your family’s needs, you need to take your time and do your homework well. These tips can help you select the right bunk bed. 


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