Essential Graffiti Supplies You Need To Create A Wall Mural

Arts and crafts are a broad category, with projects like decoupage appealing to some and street art murals appealing to others. That said, regardless of which projects you find alluring, you will need specific supplies to start creating. 

With so many mural design ideas out there, it’s a wise approach to plan your design on paper first before you start working on the wall. Otherwise, you might overlook specific details of the project. Once you have your design ready, you must start shopping for your essential supplies. 

And when it comes to creating a wall mural, you will need to stock up on these items for a graffiti supply collection to ensure you can make anything your heart desires in terms of wall art murals. 

A Variety Of Spray Paints

To get started, you’ll need a selection of different spray paints. And not all spray paints are the same, so you should consider quality options. Inferior quality paints will run and potentially dry awkwardly. So, it’s always best to opt for quality spray paints. 

Furthermore, you must also be sure to invest in more than enough colors. Unfortunately, you can’t mix spray paints to create new colors as you can with regular paint. So, you will need to purchase every shade you need. 

A Selection Of Graffiti Markers

Graffiti markers are essential for creating the outlines and guidelines of your work. You’ll be starting your mural design with these markers. What’s more, you will need a few different marker tips for the whole project in most cases. Acrylic paint pen markers, alcohol-based markers, and paintstick markers are all kinds of markers that you should add to your essentials collection. 

Regular Wall Paint And Brushes

Regular wall paint is essential to fix up patches and areas of your work that your spray paint can’t manage. You’ll also need a variety of brush sizes to apply regular wall paint. 

You might feel compelled to opt for cheaper acrylic paints, although wall paint is best because you are painting a mural. And you can opt for smaller tins or even sample wall paints to save on your expenses for the project. 

Plastic Card To Section Off

When spray painting various shapes and edges of your mural design, a plastic card will come in handy to section off areas where the paint shouldn’t be. You should invest in quite a few plastic cards as well, as you will be cutting them to shape and using them quite a bit throughout your project. 

It is also wise to purchase plastic cards in various sizes, so you have every length and shape you need to finish your project like a pro. 

In addition to the supplies mentioned above, you should also get yourself a few cleaning supplies to clean up the area once you are done. Moreover, it would be best if you also used bin bags or plastic sheets and tape to prevent messing on the floor. 


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