Don’t Waste Your Time With Any Other Heating Repair Company

It had been two days since my heating system broke down. I made a couple of phone calls to companies claiming that they were providing heating repair services in Bethany OK.

Let me just put it out in a few words, they were lying.

On the first day a representative from the first company came inspected my heating system and told me that my heater could be repaired in a few hours.

After he spend the hour he had asked for, the heating system was still not repaired. He came to me after three hours with the heater still not working. He told me that problem was much bigger then he initially estimated and without giving me any details on the problem he asked for an insane amount that he would charge for the repairs.

I was furious. He had wasted three hours trying to do nothing and now he was asking for an insane amount for actually doing something.

Needless to say. I turned down his offer and called another repair company which according to them was the most affordable heating repair companies in Bethany OK.

I told them about the situation over the phone and they said that they would have to send someone to inspect the system and to inspect if the previous repair company caused any more damage to the heating system.

After this new guy inspected the system he gave a quote nearly double than the previous one. What were they thinking? How can a company be the most affordable company if there is another service out there which provides the same repair at half the price?

I was done for that day and I slept without any heating to fight the cold.

The next day I asked a friend who lived near me if she knew of any repair company that can take care of my heating system without trying to scam me out of my hard earned money.

She recommended this company.

I decided to give them a call.

Once again I went through the whole process. I told them about the first visit and then the second visit and all that had happened and all the quotes that were given to me before.

Once again I was told that someone would have to come and take a look at the heating system before they can give me a quote on the price.

This was the last time, I though, the last time I am letting someone visit.

The representative form this third company came. He was polite and informative. He first told me about all the possible things that could have happened to the unit. He didn’t ask me to show him the heating unit until I completely understood all the scenarios.

I showed him to the heating unit. He asked for half an hour.

He came back after 10 minutes and told that the repair could be done within 20 minutes. And I would have to pay just a small amount on top of their usual visiting fee.

This was insane.

All those scamming companies were charging fifty time more than what I paid to third company who actually fixed my heating system.

In my opinion this repair company is the most affordable heating repair companies in Bethany OK. Not just the cheapest but also the fastest.


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