Discover The Plants that Thrive in the Bathroom

Having plants at home is not a new thing. It has been done since Victorian times and possibly before. Part of this is because plants are very effective at purifying the air. Considering the number of pollutants around in Victorian times it is understandable that they used plants to help purify the air.

Of course, homes today are very different. In most parts of the home, the atmosphere is dry and warm, thanks to the central heating. The exception is the bathroom which is frequently subject to a moist environment. 

Once you start thinking about the bathroom you will realize it is worth choosing plants that love humidity. You should also follow this link to choose plants that are well looked after, ensuring they are high-quality when you order them.

The Birds Nest Fern

Ferns like moist atmospheres and the bird’s nest fern is a particularly good choice for your bathroom.  It is a stunning-looking plant, looking a little like a bird’s nest. It also adores indirect light which is common in bathrooms as windows are generally frosted. 

It is best to keep it off your windowsill, even if you do have frosted glass. It won’t need watering often as it absorbs the moisture from your showers. In addition, it will create a jungle feel to your bathroom. 


These hardy plants are surprisingly good in any room of your home. They don’t like excess water but they are very good at flourishing even when they are neglected. By having them in the bathroom they will never need to be watered as they can survive on the humidity.

They look stunning, especially if you place them in a higher spot and let their vines trail down. The fact that they are sturdy means they will survive, no matter how little you do to look after them. 

Air Plants

These plants are becoming an increasingly common sight at home and they are really good for use in bathrooms as they simply absorb the moisture from your baths and showers as you produce it. They don’t have any soil so there is no chance of mess in your bathroom. 

In addition, the air plant is happy with bright light, allowing you to place them in direct or indirect sunlight, whichever you have available.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known as a powerful healer and a succulent, which means it can go for long periods without water.  In fact, that makes it a good addition to your bathroom as it can absorb the moisture in the air and store it for later. 

It also favors indirect light, giving you plenty of spots to place your plant in and brighten your bathroom.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is tough to kill and has green leaves all year round, making it a delight to see every day. In addition, it loves humid environments and bright light. Find the right spot in your bathroom and you won’t need to look after this plant, it will take care of itself. 


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