De-Cluttering Kids Rooms This Spring

The winter season has passed, and it is springtime again. It is the time for renewal, new growth and rejuvenation. With springtime comes spring-cleaning. It is now time to get rid of the clutter that has accumulated and to reorganise. A fresh start is in the books, just as new and promising as the changing seasons outside. 

Your kids’ rooms are notorious for the accumulation of clutter. Let us face it; the children may not be as vigilant about picking up after themselves as you would like. Moreover, the more you buy new things for the little ones while allowing old things to remain, the more you will find that a lot needs to be done to make sense of your kids rooms.

Here are some tips to guide you along on your task:

Take Stock

It would be a good idea to take an in-depth look at what, exactly, your kids have in their rooms. Take stock of everything that is contained in all corners before you begin. This helps you have an idea of what you are tackling. It would also be the point at which you formulate a plan of action that may help to speed up the process.


This can be quite a daunting task, even for you. Depending on your children’s volume of belongings, you could find yourself faced with what seems to be a mountain of items to go through. If you do find yourself in this position, and even if you do not, here is a bonus tip: why not let your children in on it? 

Inviting the children to participate can not only aid in lessening your workload but also give them a sense of responsibility as they join you in undertaking this task. Make it a fun endeavour. You can come up with fun games or different operational methods to keep them interested. Additionally, this early conditioning of cleaning may be useful in instilling orderliness in their lives.

The sorting method used by de-cluttering gurus everywhere is the use of keep, donate and trash piles. Ask your kids to place things in whichever pile they feel is best based on the item they are holding at the time. You must, of course, supervise and provide advice so that the t-shirt that someone outgrew a year ago does not end up in the keep pile while his or her favourite jeans are accidentally thrown out! The clothing and things that they have outgrown or simply lost interest in can be sorted between the donate pile, if they are still in relatively good condition, or the trash pile if they are beyond saving.

Work Out Your Storage

Hopefully, you have whittled things down to more manageable volumes; it is time to keep them away. Consider using clear and safe plastic tubs as well as other creative and colourful storage options to store your kids’ things in. This creates visual satisfaction for the children as where things are stored is just as important to them as what is being stored. 

Finally, find creative ways to encourage them to form a habit of tidying up after themselves.

Make it Routine

The more often you get rid of clutter, the less stress you will have to deal with when the next session comes around again.


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