Cozy and Comfortable DIY Children’s Bedroom Designs

If there is one room in the house that mustn’t be dull in design, then that’s the children’s room. Vivid colors, popular cartoon characters and a whole bunch of toys lying all over the floor are an essential part of every childhood. However, parents have a tough time choosing the best possible design their kids will be blown off by.

The trouble is that the design must be cozy and comfortable at the same time, which is often hard to achieve. Things get even more complicated if you opt for a DIY design that you hope will save you money. Borrowing a little bit of imagination from little ones is necessary to choose just the right design.

(Not too) colorful walls

Wall surfaces are the first thing parents think should be repainted and they are right. Four gray walls are hardly the ideal surrounding for your children to spend their childhood in. A splash of color will change the atmosphere of the entire room and the best thing is that cans of paint are relatively affordable.

Furthermore, painting the walls is definitely a DIY task that you don’t need much expertise to accomplish. However, you want to take care of the color scheme. Yes, the wall should be tacky as hell and yes, they should be adorned with all sorts of decorations but you can still overexaggerate. Painting all fours differently is too much, so settle on a two-color scheme for the children’s room.

Stop throwing away old socks

Adults throw away their socks when they become worn-out but kids overgrow then after just a couple of years, months even. They aren’t too expensive to buy in the first place but you as the parent must hate when you need to go buy a new pair almost every month. Believe it or not but redecorating your kids’ bedroom will offer you the perfect opportunity to reuse old (but not worn-out) socks. If you add some Christmas themed socks, you can add hat coziness you are looking for.

Recall the strange zeitgeist of the Victorian era and start putting socks only table and chair legs. This practice might seem wacky at first but your kids will love this addition to their desk and chairs. Who knows, the trend might catch on and the kitchen table might get a double pair of socks as well.

Bookshelves on wheels

Storybooks and storytelling are an essential part of every childhood. That’s why you’ll see bookcases in many children’s rooms because all those books need to be stored someplace after the bedtime story is over. Once kids start school, the textbook and notebooks will also need storage so the number of bookshelves will only increase over time.

A plain white bookshelf can be boring in appearance so can use the time when the kids are small to get them interested in its content, i.e. books. Make the shelf go to the child instead of the other way around. Take off the wheels off a pair of old roller-skates and attach them to a single-cubicle mini bookshelf. While playing with the shelf and transporting books all around, your kid is bound to fall in love with reading.

Sprucing up the bed

The most important area of any children’s room is the bed. Children associate the bed with the feeling of being safe because they truly are safe between the sheets. In order to give coziness an additional boost, many parents get sheets with a certain theme printed on them. In fact, kids bed sheets come in all patterns imaginable, from pictures of an excavator to a ballerina.

After you are done with the sheets and the pillow, you can turn your attention to the bed itself. The conventional design is OK, as far as you add an extra touch to it in the form of a state bed made look like a house. It is rather easy to build because all you need are a couple of wooden beams that you join together.

Skateboard shelving

If you really want to make the shelves stand out, then use skateboards as shelves. Not only is this solution cool-looking but it’s practical as well. Nails can be drawn through the wheels, so nobody will know how the shelf is attached to the wall. You can to your kids that magic is at work in their room.

A wall-mounted drawing board

Remember how we wrote that the walls should be lavishly decorated? Well, one of the wall pieces should be a drawing board. Children are immediately drawn to the blackboard at school because they adore drawing. Providing them with an opportunity to express their artistic side right there in their room is not a small thing. In fact, you should keep them up to date with the latest technology and install an e-drawing board that can be taken off the wall when kids wish so.

As you have seen from our design ideas, coziness, comfortability, and style can go together. After some DIY alterations, the children’s bedroom will be unrecognizably adorable and get many happy smiles from the youngest members of your family.


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