Chief Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Avoid the Post-renovation Cleaning!

Home renovation is something that has both excitement and stress connected to it! You are highly anticipating the new look of your house and the beautiful additions that you just made, but the workload that comes free with it is something that brings frowns on your forehead! The renovations already took some weeks and months from your busy schedule with hectic workload and lots of dust and workmen hovering all over your place. And then when finally you get satisfied that it’s all over, you actually realise that it’s basically not!

Yes! Just renovating the home isn’t going to make it that perfect the way you always wanted! With renovations, there comes the need of properly cleaning each and everything in the place. And this is something that isn’t any easier than the renovations. You just couldn’t chuck this step because you already gave so much of your time for the renovations and now are tired for the cleaning session.

The urgent need for post-renovation cleaning in your home!

Did you assume that because you have got workers painting and renovating the place and tidying up after the task, you wouldn’t need any cleaning? Well, it’s time you should be informed that your home requires a special and thorough session of domestic cleaning by Clean Advice after the entire renovation work gets over. They have got a whooping thirty years of experience in cleaning residential and commercial areas thoroughly, leaving them in a prim and pristine look. And to know why we are so keen to convince you for the same, read on!

The settled dust and particles — We all know the harmful dust and other minute particles that can be present in cement, bricks, and paints and wood. Even you would agree that these particles do get settled in various corners of your home. These chemicals can be allergens and can cause skin rashes, infections and breathing problems to kids and asthmatic patients. And cleaning those nooks and crannies isn’t an easy task. And when you are dealing with a property that’s just renovated, you have to be very sure that the interiors shouldn’t get scratched or stained in this process. A professional would certainly make sure this task is done conveniently for you without harming your freshly renovated areas.

The nasty stains and layers of grime on the floor — You may or may not have installed a new floor in your house while renovating. But there would be a fresh layer of paint on the wall or some plaster or cement work done during renovations. And this often leaves ugly patches or stains and even grime on the floor. Whether it’s a new floor or an old one, this site can actually spoil your newly done renovations. The need for cleaning this is urgent and that’s why you certainly need a post renovation cleaning in your home.

The polluted air — The dust that oozed out during your renovations don’t just settle on your window panes, fans and floor, but they also do stay in the air and soft furnishings of the house. This needs urgent cleaning too as it can be really harmful to breathe in such an atmosphere. The post renovation cleaning refreshes the air and reduces the risk of any airborne danger in the house.

The messy outdoors —Often the remnants of the construction work are piled up in your backyard, deck or garage. And even these areas turn messy and are neglected due to the renovations happening in the place. And cleaning all those areas also becomes important, because the dust and chemicals eventually travel inside if these aren’t erased from here through deep cleaning.

Now, did you get the idea as to why a thorough and deep cleaning is essential to complete your home renovation process? When you are done with all the deep cleaning, only then can you call your house a rejuvenated one!


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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