Avoid these DIY painting mistakes if you want perfectly painted rooms!

Painting is (hands down) one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of freshening up a dull looking room. If you want to give your home a new look, painting seems to be a good option to begin with. You can choose from a nearly infinite range of colour palette, and take your pick regarding the combinations, effects, textures, shading etc. Thus, painting is one of the best ways to impart a unique look to your homes, and make those compliments come pouring in. But, if you are thinking of doing it yourself, let’s give you some warnings beforehand. Painting may seem like an easy DIY job, but if you don’t execute the job well, it could cost you much more than just your valuable time and money!

If you think a painting job doesn’t need any forethought and planning, you are so wrong. You will then soon find yourself staring at a huge mess, instead of a beautiful room that makes you happy, as you had originally expected. If you are new to the painting gig, it’s no surprise that you will yourself be stumped at the various kinds of tools which are showcased on the painting aisle of the local hardware store. Make sure to choose the correct tools, and follow the correct techniques to have yourself a smooth painting job done right. You could either choose to go the DIY route or call over professionals for your home’s interior painting in Auckland, Auckland Premium Painters are your life saviours if you are looking to get some flawless house painting done. They have a team of highly qualified painters who use the best quality equipment to offer a wide range of their affordable services.

Make sure to avoid committing these mistakes while on a DIY painting task

So, you have decided to go the DIY route and paint the interior of your house all by yourself, is it? Obviously, you want nothing apart from perfection in the job you do, and let us tell you it’s nothing impossible. Just like you could do other odd jobs around the home without the need of calling for professionals, for example plaster repairs in Auckland, painting is yet another task at your hand. You just need to keep in mind certain things that are best avoidable, and voila, soon you will have a freshly painted room, looking inviting as ever.

  • Prep failure: Painting professionals know the importance of giving proper time and thought to the preparation phase, and sometimes even more than the actual painting.  You need to undertake certain preparation measures like fixing surface wall imperfections (if any), cleaning up your walls and getting rid of the dirt, smudges fingerprints etc. and of course, covering up the floor and the furniture.
  • Low quality products and wrong tools: The correct kinds of tools and the proper quality products are important to any job the right way, painting being no exception. Using the wrong brushes shall result in unwanted streaks. So make sure to take the help of good quality rollers and brushes which will cover the wall better.
  • Prime failure: Now, priming the wall is super important as it helps to fill in imperfections in the wall, leading to a smooth, flawless outcome. It gives the new paint a good base to adhere to (reference to your makeup primer) and helps to bring out the true essence of the new paint.
  • Wrong paint: And the gravest mistake of all is choosing the wrong paint. Along with knowing the correct shade, you should know which finish to be used on which wall. Before repainting any room, make sure to check the type of the existing paint and then choose a type which is compatible with the same (stay away from latex paint over an oil based one). Choosing poorly could make you regret the decision of painting in the first place.

So, now you know that there’s a lot more to a painting job than you thought. You can’t just be simply grabbing a roller, a gallon of your favourite colour, your brushes, and getting to work. Well, not so fast anyways. You need to make sure to keep each of the above mistakes in mind and steer clear of them.


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