A Completei Idea On How To Understand And Eradicate Tree Roots In Drains

Often while sauntering the roads, you have encountered a common scenario like a clogged high drain. Now, this clogging is mainly due to the deposition of the tree roots, small twigs piled together on the top.  But certainly, the main obstacle is due to the growth of tree roots inside the drain, which hinders the smooth flow of the water through the sewers. Alike the roads, the pipes in your home also face such a problem now and then. In that case, for speedy relief, you can call up the experts to extract the tree roots in drains.

How Do Tree Roots Get Into The Drains?

Remember, if the soil is not hot, then undoubtedly it will cause the pipe to crack or fracture, permitting the vapour to pass through that not so warm soil. Majorly the tree roots are diagnosed in the sewer lines. But the point is why they grow so favourably in these areas. The tree roots quests for adequate nutrients and moisture, thus, forcing their way through the cracked pipe towards the more cooling soil zone. Eventually, with time, they begin to breed in that place only; therefore, you can find the tree roots in drains.

How To Diagnose That You Got The Tree Roots In The Drains?

  • The primary sign that shows that you got the tree roots in the drains is that when you see that, the water intensity of toilet flush gets reduced. Maybe that is not a definite problem, but you need to look for the frequency because if the frequency is more, then obviously you got the tree roots penetrating the drains.
  • Next, the flush issue gets frequent with time and it happens now and then following backflow of water. Then definitely, it is out of your reach, and even a plunger could not help to sort out the problem. In that case, you have to comprehend the messy situation inside the sewage lines.
  • The third possible sign is that when you see that the drains in your locality get clogged. Without any question, you should start diagnosing the fact right from your bathroom toilet. But in the meantime, do make sure that the rest of the fixtures are functioning well and good.  You need to minutely watch whether the problem exists with a single bathroom or with all the bathroom drainage. If it seems to have the problem with all, then obviously it is not due to the tree roots in drains. When the problem is related to only one bathroom, then without any doubt, there has been clogging in the main sewerage line.

The Process To Get Rid Of The Tree Roots In Drains:

Mechanical Extraction of Tree Roots:

A well talked about technique that you can use to remove the roots from the pipes. For that, you need to drill with a mechanically driven sewer like an auger with inbuilt sharp bladed teeth that will act as a saw blade and will help to cut off the roots from its source.

Treatment with Rock Salt:

This is one of the best organic treatments that any professional root extracting companies do follow because it is freed from any kind of side effects which are possible with the chemicals. Therefore, they take a handful of rock salts and simply sprinkle them in the toilet area, and once you flush, it penetrates deep, thus cutting off the tree roots in drains. Make sure that you allow the salt to stay overnight so that longer it stays, the faster it works. Thus, the above article gives a great idea of the process of diagnosing and eradicating the tree roots in drains.


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